Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

Hey Family, how is everything going? I hope really well with work and summer break and the nice St. George heat. I’ve been doing good here in cold Mercedes with my New Companion. His name is Elder Barker, he’s from Orem, Utah. He’s pretty tall, about 6 '4 and really skinny. His call to fame in the mission is his piano skills. He’s really good and he taught himself how to play. It is nice having a comp from the states because we are always on the same page. He’s super shy though. I’ve had to be the conversation starter with a lot of investigators and members. Definitely working out my social skills, but its fun and pretty easy. I just ask how the Uruguay soccer team is doing and they go off for awhile.

Since Elder Barker has been here things have been a lot better. I just feel like a real missionary now. With Elder Bolaños he had some issues that would get in the way of our work. Things are better now. There are a lot of Elders here in our district but we haven’t played soccer here in Mercedes for awhile, kind of sad. It has been tough getting a long with them. Hopefully, things will get better.

This Past week we found 3 new teenage girls to teach. Pretty funny. Elder Barker says it’s because of my charm and good looks that they all want to listen and take the lessons. That’s bolaso, so hopefully we can have success with them. We also are teaching another young person, he’s 20, so we are having success with young people, we just hope we can get them baptized.

Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun at youth conference. I hope our ward is doing well.

1. I’m going to get 2 packages in the morning, the senior couples in offices called me to tell me that. Elder and Sister Mess. They are from St. George, they live right by desert hills. They say they are going to call you guys when they come home in 2 weeks. We’ll see if that happens.
2. It was kind of tough sending a missionary home for multiple reasons. 1. he ran out of money so I had to pay for a lot of things for him. 2. They get trunky, but I learned from that experience to enjoy my mission while I’m here, because Elder Bolaños said he’s going to miss it for that reason.
3. I don’t think I need anything. You’ve already sent a lot of packages. I’ll wait till after I see what’s in them to ask for something.
4. The mission is making a cook book for us. I’m good there. You can always send pictures.

Questions: What happened in the NFL draft anything exciting?
How’s Lauren doing with summer life, not too boring I hope.
Mitt Romney updates, Christ Stewart. Have you guys done anything to my room or stuff, because I know Butch’s family got rid a lot of his stuff when he left. There is a Mormon tabernacle CD that I want from grandma. It’s called greatest hits or something like that.
Well I’m doing well family, I’m happy to be working; I just would like to see some more fruit from my labors. I’m not discouraged it just makes me want to work more.
Love you family, I pray for you....a lot. Let me know if you guys need anything

Love Elder Webster

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey Mom things are going alright here in mercedes, Pday was fun played soccer and helped my companion pack. He was pretty stressed out about the whole thing. don´t know why. 

Answers...Tomorrow will be transfers. My new companion will be Elder Barker. gringo. don´t know much about him but everyone says his pretty cool. He likes to play basketball and plays the piano really well. thats all I¨ve found out about him. haha.but I´m a little worried with showing him around mercedes, I just hope I don´t get us lost haha. but it´ll be a good change, it´ll be fun I hope. I¨m still working on my spanish, I need to refocus on this because its till a problem. with people not understanding me or me not understanding them. I´ll work harder with this.

Elder Bolaños goes home tomorrow. he´s excited but also a little scared about whats going to happen, he´s still not sure if he´s family is going to pick him up from the airport. 
Also the package didn´t get here ontime for him. we called the offices tonight and they said they didn´t have it so I don´t know. they said they could send the package to him in El Salvador. so we´ll see.

Thank you for sending those things, It means a lot that I have support like this at home after being with Elder Bolaños. so I¨m very greatful for you guys

Thanks for your spiritual thought. I´ve thought about that scripture a lot too. its played in the movie finding faith in Christ. and its one of my favorite parts. Thank you for that. 

These Weeks have gone by pretty fast, I wish I tell you guys of all of the progress that I´m having, but its just in a rut here. I want to find someone that we can really make a difference with. Hopefully with my new companion we can make a bigger difference here.

Fun about youth conference, I Need to go do all of those things when I get back. Never done them before. 

Hey I hope you guys are doing good please continue to pray and read as a family. I pray for you guys. and for your success, continue to let me know whats going on in with the family. 
Hope things are going well with work and all with you two. 

Love you guys, Elder Webster