Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey family, I`m very happy and very relieved that you finally got my package. I was thinking the worse. I`m glad you enjoyed the tape that I made, You`ll have to thank grandma for sending that. also I hope you enjoyed the other gifts. I`m glad coach Sweeten noticed that. thats super funny what happened with Lauren. I`m just super relieved it got there. Now I`m just wondering if the package you guys sent will ever get here. I`m praying I`ll get it tomorrow in district meeting.

Good news about the Gold Mercedes, that car is apart of me with all the memories I have with it, through highschool and all.

We`ve been working really hard with this part member family. the Parents are members. they were baptized a long time ago and they`ve been less active ever since their baptism. but we are working with some of their kids. they have like 7 but we are working with the youngest two. its hard because they live in smaller house and the house is always so crazy. so its hard to teach lessons like that. its hard but we`re working on it.

if there was something you could pray about for me is to help us find someone who is ready to receive the gospel. also courage for me. I just need extra strength in courage. just going through a tough rut right now. Sorry this email wasn`t very great. I`ll try to finish my letter in time for tomorrow.

I guess I`d better leave with something spiritual that I learned this week that I really liked. I was reading in 2nd Nephi and Nephi is talking about all the things he`s gone through, and all the accomplishments. While I was reading this I was wondering how can this apply to me, sometimes I just feel like the all of the prophets are just perfect so its easy for them to accomplish these great miracles. but then I read the next few verces and Nephi admits to his imperfections, he calls himself a Wretched man. and how his soul pains because of the sins that so easily beset him. I just liked this because even though these Men are great they are just like us. and they have challenges like us. we all have sins that easily beset us. but if we focus our life on the savior, He will help us overcome these things. If he is our foundation, our rock in this life. we can change and overcome challenges. That`s something I read that I really liked.

Love you all hope things are going good in St. George.

Love Elder Webster

Steve I hope things will get better for you. try to be happy, find a hobby. right now I`m doing a thing that Heber J. Grant suggested us, to do to over come weakness and turn them into strengths. Every morning right down one thing you want to improve. pray about it then strive through that day to get better. end of the day report to the heavenly father. Right now I`m trying to get better with cooking...ugh. I`m getting better. breakfest things i`m alright with but I made brownies the other day and they were horrible, I felt bad for the family I made them for, they all said they loved them, but....yeah. haha

Hey Dad. I`m writing from Cold Uruguay. I don`t know what happened but now its winter all of sudden here. it was 56 degrees in our house yesterday. hopefully I can survive this winter. I^m already sick of the cold. but hey good to hear about those other elders Wilstead and Bangeter. its crazy how hearing about other people in their missions, especially when they`re so close to me in Saul Paul Brasil.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24th

Hey mom, how’s it going? It’s starting to get cold here. Right out of the blue. I hope I can survive cold weather after being a sand lizard for the past year. Fa no sè. Well, I was very, very happy to hear about Chris Stewart and his big win. I wish I could be there to see it happen.

I felt pretty good about dad’s statement about moving to Saint George. I feel very good about that. I’ll write more about that in my letter today.

Elder Laycock and I have already met. My companion had to go down to Montevideo and we recognized each other…which was crazy after all these years. We talked a little, and then we went our separate ways. I guess he’s a big deal here in the mission. Fun to hear about Darian, I’m hoping to hear from him soon. He’s really the only one I’ve kept good contact with. I didn’t know about Tommy’s call, that’s great. Now I just need to know about Kyle Davies. Please send me the BOM. That’d be awesome. I might think that sending it in a padded envelope would be better. I think the package you sent got stuck in customs...so hopefully one day it’ll get here. I hope my package gets there some time before I get home. Geez. For my birthday if you could send a golf collar shirt. I just need something a little nicer to wear in case we go some where for a p-day. Just to look a little more missionary in my photos.

It sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun. I hope things stay great. What happened with me this week was changes. Me and my comp are staying together for another 6 weeks. This will be my comps last 6 weeks in his mission. That’ll be fun. We are hoping we can have more success this change.

Ok family. Mom, I love you so much. Thanks for everything. I sent off a letter last week and I’ll write another one tonight.

P.S. I did actually get your gmails from last week for the first time from you and dad and grandma and grandpa Rasmussen. What ever you did, do it again. No regular letters though. Hey dad, good to hear about Cherry Creek, but I`m really stoaked about the Chris Stewart Win, that’s so awesome. It’s hard not to say I wish I could be there to see this all happening. I hope Chris can keep rolling. I tell a lot a people about the political process here with Mitt Romney. All the missionaries come to me to know the stuff. Pretty funny. I’m also letting a lot of people know about Chris, and about the books he’s written.  A lot of people seem really interested in the brothers series.

Wow, I didn’t know about Tommy’s calling. That’s pretty cool. I love how a lot of us are going Spanish. Now Kyle Davies is one of the last one. Hopefully, Dom can get things figured how. I know he was having a few troubles before I left.

Hey dad, Love you, Keep the Family Rolling

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 16, 2012


I want to say to you Feliz Cumpleaños…Happy Birthday. I’m sorry, but your birthday present did not arrive on time. I sent it 6 weeks ago and I don’t know why it hasn’t arrived there yet. Hopefully, it gets there soon and that nothing has happened to it. I love you tons man. Hope everything is going great and that Seattle is treating you well and the weather isn’t getting you too down. Say hi to the Smiths the next time you see them.
Love you Man, your little bro Elder Webster

Hey Family,

How are things? This week was better in that I didn’t have any problems with my skin, so I think you’re right that it is just a allergic reaction. I’m glad about that. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen again because it was awful trying to get through those nights.

I hope to get my package in the morning. I don’t know why it takes so long for us. I’m also hoping for you guys to get my package. I sent it 6 weeks ago. I’m mad it didn’t get there because I paid extra and I wanted it to get there in time for Stephen’s birthday. Very upset with the whole mailing system right now. No the gmail thing hasn’t worked once so far. I don’t know what else to say, but to make sure Elder Webster is the title of the email. With regular mailing the last thing I’ve gotten from you guys is the package you sent for Valentines Day. The only thing I’ve received is 2 letters from grandma Poulton since then. I don’t know that’s what I’ve received since Feb. 14.

For my birthday, I’m not sure what I want that could fit in a package. More church music for sure. I’m sending my iPod in the package I sent. If you could send that back for my birthday…that’d be great. Maybe a hat to wear for p-days…or a shirt…and more photos if you haven’t already sent some in this package.

How are you guys doing? I`m very happy that you have made a habit of reading and praying together everyday. It really brings joy to a missionary trying to teach people to do the same. Thank you for that. That’s funny to hear about the Chris Stewart event. Making beans and all. It must be a fun experience working with a politician. Especially someone like Chris.

Lauren must be turning into a teenager. I remember when I first started taking my after school nap. Oh how I miss those days. I don’t know how much more Lauren can grow. she’s already super tall. Well I hope she’s doing well with the stresses of school life and all.

Well, I finished my letter today and I’m ready to mail tomorrow. I’m really sorry it has taken so long. My letter explains.

I really like that story by James E. Faust, about the lamb. I also really like the quote from Mark Twain. I wish I had a book of quotes. Maybe you could send something like that for my birthday… good inspirational quotes.

My comp has only 7 more weeks in the mission. He’s excited to go home but at the same time he doesn’t want to go. I guess El Salvador is having an economic melt down. They said it’s because of the gang wars. He says it’s really bad. The more time I spend out here the more thankful I am to live in America, in St. George where we don’t have problems like that.

Sorry this wasn’t a very good email. I didn’t have much happening this week. A lot of knocking doors and a lot of lessons falling through. Tough city area but things will get better.

Well, thanks for everything Family. I hope everything is going well in St. George.

I love you all very much,

Elder Webster

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

Hey Family Feliz Pascua, Happy Easter. My Easter came and went too fast to really even notice. Like Dad said in his Email the days seem to just be flying by. I celebrated Easter by buying a giant egg from the local grocery store and shared it with my comp Easter evening. Good times.

Sacrament meeting was good. I really enjoyed the testimony of an old widow. She said she feels so happy to have a testimony of the Savior and that he lives. How he is a real…and how he loves each of us. I really felt the spirit when she said that He is real. I’ve never heard someone say it like that, with that much power. I enjoyed her talk. I also think she read Elder McConkie’s last talk about the Savior. I read his talk for Easter  and I really want to come to know the savior like he knows him. One thing that stood out from reading it this time was that he said the Atonement is the most important thing we have in our lives, and yet it is the least understood point of doctrine that we have. It deserves our time and meditation to study it out and to pray and ponder over it.

I’m sorry to hear about your surgery and the aftermath of it. Teeth are no fun. If you could, please send me my retainer in this next package. I need to take better care of my teeth. Also, don’t send me another package until mine gets there.

I’m sorry to hear about Lauren’s Try outs. Sometimes it’s better to fall down, so we’ll have more desire to work harder and reach higher. Someone said that I can’t remember who. Since Lauren only has the bathroom to herself she could do what my friend Berkly Bundy would do. She would write inspirational quotes or goals she has on the mirror to help her remind herself what she’s working for every day. It’s great to have dreams and or goals. Something to work for. I don’t have a life long dream right now. I need to find something worth striving for. Tell Lauren that. I know things will work out for her.

I hope the family is doing well. I think about you guys often and how I can help you guys. If you’re thinking about anything gospel related let me know and maybe I can help. I’ll do the same for you guys.

Recently, I’ve been studying about the apostles and others about how they came to develop to become great men. I want to become something like them. I heard someone in conference talk about it but it was a little too hard to follow in Spanish. If you have input let me know.

My package should be getting there soon that I sent it’s been almost 4 weeks. I have a tracker from the post office but it only kept track of it to Montevideo, some international service that was.  I’m also hoping to receive your package tomorrow; I really need it, or something like it to help me pick me up. This week was a little tough for me. I’ll explain...Tuesday night I woke up in the middle of the night with a rash on many parts of my body; mostly areas of friction like under the arms (armpit) and under the legs and other areas that I had been scratching through out the night. My face was really puffy and the itching was unbearable and painful. I got up to take a shower and just sat in my desk for the rest of the night trying not to scratch myself. I finally got about 30 min. of sleep and when I woke up  my rash was gone along with my puffy face. I thought it was just one time thing but last night it reoccurred in the same areas with the puffy face. It went away at about the same time around 8. I’m going to call the mission nurse tonight but I’m wondering if this is how Stephen’s rash problems started. I don’t know I`m just a little shaken up about it. It hasn’t stopped me from working, but I`m just a afraid
one of these times it won`t go away. So, if you could send me a email next week telling some things about Stephens rash I’d be very grateful.

Working on a letter. I`ve spend two weeks writing but I haven`t been able to write much. Not sure what my problem is. Sorry about that.
Love you Family. Take Care
Pray together and read together please

April 9, 2012

Hey Dad, hope all is going well with the family. I just realized that you said you went to priesthood alone for the first time in awhile. I`m sure that must of been different. We’ve been together at a lot of priesthood conferences were they just gave great talks. I have a lot of memories with priesthood session.

The weather has been good here. I’m not sure if I’m ready for the cold though. I fear my blood runs so thin now thanks to almost a year of heat. I won’t be able to bear it.

Hope everything is going good with Chris Stewart. How is Mitt Romney Doing?
Also, how did you stay in kicking shape during your mission dad? My dream is to get to BYU someday and wear number 15. I know soccer is helping a lot especially with pointing my toe. I really was bad at that, but if you have any tips. diga me.

Alright Dad, take it easy in sunny Saint George. Te Amo.
Elder Webster

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

Hey Mom, how’s it going? This week was really great with Conference. I really learned a lot. Even though I had to watch it in Spanish it just isn’t the same. Hearing apostle’s voices changed to weird sounding Latino voices. It just isn’t the same. Luckily we had subtitles. All of the Americans were in a small room watching on a tv. It was great. I wrote down a lot of stuff but I can’t wait to read them in the next months Liahona. We missed President Packer’s talk though. It was all in Spanish. No subs. but I really want to go back to it because I know he talked about little children alive in Christ. Some things that I loved about this conference was that it helped answer so many of my questions. I wrote them all down before conference and by the end of conference I checked them all off. It truly was amazing. I, however, did not get to watch the priesthood session...sad right.

I also liked President Scott’s talk about how we can receive revelation. Even through dreams, I thought about the dream you had about me having that experience with Brennan. It just made me think and ponder. He also said we need to write things down. I need to get better at that.
I liked what Elder Wilson said about raising children; he had the daughter’s soccer game on Sunday story. I like this because for some reason I have this distinct memory of you and Stephen talking about raising a family and finding a balance between not being over baring with your children and then having them open into open rebellion later on and not doing anything and letting them walk over you. I don’t know this talk seemed to answer how to have that balance and helping your kids make the choices while in their youth.

Also, I really enjoyed how many of the brethren talked about parables, which I am very grateful for because I’ve been reading the new testament and I’ve now read the parable that President Holland talked about 3 times now and I kept feeling confused after reading it. I was very grateful he talked about that. I feel like they talked a lot about pride and loving others in this conference. A line hit me when they said its easy to love the people who love you, even sinners do this. But I command you to love your enemies. Also, this quote: what does Christ think of me?
I’m defiantly going to have to write a letter about this. There is too much. I’ll work on that.
We had a part member family come to conference and it was great to see them bring their kids who are not members. We’ve been working hard with them and we’ve made real progress. We are the first missionaries to make progress with the kids.

I hope you guys are doing great. I pray for you all every night. Les Amo Machismo. Tenga bein semana. orar y leer como una familia cada día. por favor.
Sus Hijo y Hermano ,Elder Webster
Hey Lauren How are you doing? I hope all goes well with try outs at Cheer. Have confidence in yourself I know things will work out.

My new companion is alright, we get along really well. He just sometimes doesn’t want to go out and work. I’m definitely learning a lot of Spanish with him. Sometimes I have to play charades with him so he can understand me but its all good.

Yes, of course I can help you with boy problems but Mom has the best advice. I wish I would’ve talked to her more about things because she could’ve helped me in a lot of situations. Yes you can ask me anything Lauren.

I hope you had a great time watching conference. I learned a lot even though I had to watch in Spanish with English subs.

Alright lauren Te Amo Muchisimo. buenes suerte con su cheerleading este semana.
Love you favorite sister

Man how lucky are you that you got to listen to the Hunger Games on tape. I had to read them all. I really liked the first two. The last one was kind of iffy…but still alright. I am not looking forward to the movie though. They are going to once again butcher a book or tv series I like.

I`m excited for you with your baseball season. Baseball season just seams so much more chill than other sports. It’s nice going to baseball games also.

Conference was super great. Even though I had to watch all of it in Spanish. All of the American elders were in a little room in the church reading the subtitles. It’s just not the same hearing President Holland talking and hearing a little pipsquek voice in Spanish.¨ Difficult to watch´´ Lee Corso but it was awesome learned a lot. Hope you did too.
Well, Steve I pray for you every day and I hope you are doing great. que passè bien
Te Amo Elder Webster