Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

October 28, 2012

Hey Family. Last Saturday we had a special mission conference with Elder Oaks. It was a really great conference. He talked about repentance and how necessary it is in our lives and in the lives of our investigators. I already wrote a letter about all the talks given. Hopefully, they get there soon.

One of the biggest things that I was impressed with was that I came to the conference looking for a way to change me. To become the man God wants me to become. He gave that talk about repentance. Repentance means change. I was very impressed with all of the talks given.
We all got to shake his hand. Pretty funny…just a few years ago he was sitting by me in our church listening-in on our Priest quorum class.

I’ve been really enjoying listening to conference talks in the morning. I always find myself listening to Elder Holland’s talk and Elder Eyring’s two talks.

It’s starting to get really hot here. It’s the humidity that kills me. There is no perfect temperature; it’s either hot or cold.

I’ve been having great experiences in lessons. Teaching is getting better and I feel the spirit testifying of my teachings. I think that’s the most important thing I can be doing as a missionary. Now, it’s just up to the people to use their agency and accept it. I just always pray that my testimony can touch these people’s hearts.

I’m very excited for these upcoming weeks with the election and high school play-offs. I pray for you guys that you can have the strength to keep going with all of the work. I’m very proud of you guys to be working on such a great cause. I’ve been praying for Steve that he can find direction in his life. I feel Stephen will find his direction soon.

Answers: Grandma Poulton’s letters always get to me in about 2 to 3 weeks. What ever she is doing is working. I did not get the package yet, probably tomorrow. For Christmas I would like 2 new pairs of garments, a few ties (I’ve given away a few to members who don’t have them). I don’t really need too much more. I still have plenty of shampoo…Maybe a pack of tooth brushes and tooth paste. I’m very welcome on receiving food items and dessert packages. Maybe pictures. My comps family sent him 2 English dictionaries; he gave me one so I don’t need one now.

Questions: do you think I need to start thinking about applying for school? Also, my personal debit card expired last month. I can’t take out money. How can I renew that?

I’m so thankful for my family. What I really want to do is go to the temple when I get back. Please help all so we can all go. I have been with a lot of companions who don’t have the same family unity as we do. But we all need to keep trying to get better.

Thanks for the emails. It’s always uplifting. I love you guys thanks for everything and all of your support.

Date: October 29
Subject: Re: Lauren's email

Hey Lauren, what’s up? I still can’t believe that you are a freshman. Freshman year was one of my most fun years. Enjoy every moment of it. I hope you have been having fun with seminary. I still remember a lot of the things I learned in seminary, and it’s so nice having that part of the day to get away from school and feel the spirit. Lauren, I hope you are well. Please remember to pray and read your scriptures. The times in high school when my grades were highest were when I was reading my scriptures everyday. I love you Lauren. Later gator. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 21, 2012

October 21, 2012

Hey Family, I’m doing well in Colonia 18. This week was very rewarding. Last Friday and Saturday we found a couple of families that were just amazing. We found them both with the help of member’s references. We knocked on their doors and they let us in. listened to everything said, accepted to go to church and be baptized. These two lessons were the most powerful lessons that I’ve had on my mission. I actually felt the spirit testifying to people that these things are true. A great experience. First is Emilia and her two kids. She came to church yesterday and loved everything. All the members were really supportive. She is actually the cousin of our branch president. He and his wife have been a great support for her. I’m getting a lot better at following the spirit this last week. I’ve felt very stretched this week with all that has happened. A lot of praying for help with my Spanish and that the people can feel the power of my testimony whenever I share it.

I really like this area. It’s very different from all of the other areas here in Uruguay. It’s famous in our zone because our area is very big, and we have to bike everywhere. Right now I’m blessed to have Elder Manning with me. He’s been a very great help so far. He’s happy to be working with me. He cooks really well also. He’s been teaching me just basic things like cooking meat and adding spices and all sorts of stuff.

My companion has been out for 15 months and he’s really smart, went to BYU, and wants to be a mechanical engineer. He knows Spanish really well and is happy helping me. He likes to be organized and to plan things out very well. I’m learning a lot with him.

Answers: We have found a lot of people this past week and I thank you for your prayers. I know they are helping us. I felt very inspired Saturday night after I said my prayers. Please continue to pray for us, that we can help Elaina and her kids. For my Spanish and that I can have courage.

Questions: 1. Mom, I remember you wrote down something about spiritual gifts for all of us boys. I would like to hear those thoughts about us if that wouldn’t be too much trouble. After listening to Pres. Eyring’s talk in priesthood I just want to know what my spiritual gifts are and how I can serve God better with those gifts. Maybe you and dad can put something together for us boys and Lauren.
2. For Christmas I would like peanut butter.

I’ll pray for you guys, especially dad that he can hang in there. I’m super proud that you guys are doing this. I pray it’ll make a difference.
Love you guys, so much. Thank you for your prayers. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

Hi Family how is everybody? Well, I got a new companion this last week; Elder Manning from Las Vegas. He’s pretty cool. He Played football in high school and we get along pretty well. He’s very positive, and he is very excited to be working with me. It’s nice being with an American because we are always on the same page. There’s not as much confusion.

You’re right. I hit my year mark this Wednesday. It’s pretty crazy it’s gone by so fast. I’m not sure how I feel. At the same time I feel like I’ve grown a lot, but I feel I still need to be so much better. I’m defiantly going to set some goals of who I want to be at the end of this year. Get a lot better with my Spanish, and my teaching, learning to follow the spirit better and just becoming a better person.

I’m really glad we went on that vacation to California. I just have a lot of great memories of that trip…Going to the temple and Magic Mountain. I’m so glad we spent time as a family to do that.

This last week was very tough for us. We had two investigators that dropped us. Also, Pablo, the man we baptized a couple weeks ago, is having problems and doesn’t want to go to church or even talk to us. He has a girl friend now and isn’t making good choices. It just makes me sad after all we went through with him. We are also dealing with a lot of inactive young couples with problems in their marriages here in the branch. It’s pretty tough trying to give council about marriage. Sometimes I just get a little overwhelmed with dealing with all of things of the world. I also don’t know if I ever want to get married after seeing all of these problems. ¨I don’t like confrontation¨ Rex from Toy Story. I just do the best I can, and try to let the spirit do all of the talking. It usually always turns out better that way.

This week we are praying and fasting to find people who are ready to accept the gospel. Please pray for us that we can find them. Also pray for me that I can have more courage.

Anything I can do for you guys? I want to try to send a package to you…Like I did the last time. I might have to use my money from my debit card, hope that’s ok. But I hope the work is going well.

Well, I love you guys. I pray for you guys everyday. I wish you the best. quidensen 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9, 2012

October 9, 2012

Hey Family how is it going? I’m doing well. This week was very busy with conference. We rode our bikes into the city to sleep over with the zone leaders Friday night. There were lots of storm warnings over the weekend and the storm came a lot harder than expected. I was very glad I was in the city and not out in the country. Some rivers flooded over streets. Pretty bad. Today it’s raining even harder and we can’t really leave our house because the streets on both sides of us are flooded. Hopefully, it stops raining soon.

I loved Conference. It definitely was a joy to watch all of the sessions, take notes and watch in English. All of the Americans were in a little room watching on a little TV in English. Some of my favorite talks were by President Eyring in priesthood and Sunday session. It answered a lot of questions that I had written before the conference. Also, of course president Holland’s talk. I knew of this talk before, but this talk was different. Just in spirit and a lot more emphasis in the phrase: “Peter do you love me?” All of us will be asked that question at the judgment bar. I loved what he said about baptizing someone saying that it does not only change them, but it should change you. I look forward to the time when I can have that opportunity.

Changes are tomorrow. I’m staying here in Colonia 18. My new companion will be Elder Manning. He’s from Las Vegas. Other than that, I don’t know anything about him. He’ll get here tomorrow afternoon. I’ll miss Elder Rivera. He just got called to be a Zone Leader. Pretty cool.

That’s pretty cool about the Romney Debate. I’m really happy about that. I was reading in this months Liahona about the Book of Mormon. And about how God uses inspired leaders to help us overcome the problems of the world. Like Captain Moroni and his title of liberty. Leading the Nephites in times of war and political rebellion. I really think Mitt is an inspired leader. I feel good when praying for him.

I’m excited for Lauren. I’m glad she’s having success in sports. I’m proud to be her older brother. I hope she’s doing well. I haven’t heard from her in awhile.

Christmas list: I would like a cook book. I know there is a book in Deseret Book called cooking for missionaries or college students. Also, Mormon Tabernacle Choir with Catherine Jenkins. Also, a small English dictionary (as small as you can find).

Well, love you guys. I hope all is going well. I’ll be praying for you guys with the election that you can extra strength to keep working at the Victory Center.
Tell Grandma after watching Elder Scotts talk and the Mormon ad between conference sessions about the family in Illinois. I want to do family history work with her when I get home.

hasta la luego, Elder Webster

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012
Uruguay Montevideo West Mission
Hey Family how is it all going? I’m doing great here in Uruguay. This week was a little rough. The teaching pool has pretty much fizzled out. We went and did a lot of contacting into some areas we’ve never gone to before. We didn’t have much success. We went to a small group of houses that are pretty far away from the church. We did some contacting and found a nice family. They were really interested in the church and loved everything that we taught. The only problem with them is that the church is so far away and they don’t have a car. They told us that next week they will try to come with their horse and carriage buggy. It’s about 3 miles from church. We’ll see if they can make it. That will be a first to see a family show up to church like that. That seems to be the big problem with this area. There are people interested; they just can’t make the trip to the chapel. We might just have to keep working close to the church. Maybe there are some we missed. Pray to help us find someone to teach that is prepared to receive the gospel…that can come to church.

The Spanish still is a working process. I can always get better. It’s the accent that kills people

We had interviews last week. It’s always great talking to president Heaton. Also, I get to talk to his wife, Hermana Heaton. She said Obama is winning by a bit in the overall pool she said the country really must be a wicked country if they want him over Romney. I laughed. This really seems like a battle between good and evil.

I played basketball today with some of the elders of the zone. Latinos are not very good. But I bet that’s what they think when we play soccer with them

That’s crazy they pulled Riley Nelson and started a freshman. BYU football, you never know what to expect.

I hope you guys are doing well. Let me know how the debate goes with Mitt Romney. I’m sure it will be interesting. Also, please let me know how what you guys are up to. What you are learning? I’m sending off a letter tomorrow. Hopefully, it will get there soon.
I love you guys. I hope all is going well. I pray for you guys and your success.

Love Elder chase Webster