Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, April 29, 2013

April 28, 2013

Hey Family,

How’s it going? So, it was tough to leave all of my friends and converts in Tacuaremb√≤, but I already feel at home here in Artigas. I’m in a ward that’s one of the strongest here in Uruguay, but it’s passing through a tough time right now…as well with the whole zone. And it’s because of disobedient missionaries. President called me in to revive the area and help out the zone as a District Leader and help out the missionaries to work. When I got here the area was dead. No investigators no families to work with, no nada. So, I’m starting from scratch. Trying to find people through our own means. We talked to the bishop; we set up a plan, called new ward missionaries, and set-up visits for less active members. We are also in charge of a future branch. We direct and give messages during Sacrament. We have the reunions in a house of a less active. She is coming around.

My Companion is Named Elder Nelson, He is also from St. George. He went to Dixie High School and already knew all about me…that I played football and basketball. Sadly to say I didn’t know anything about him. He’s really cool, we graduated the same year. He has 8 months in the mission. I see a lot of me in him. He hasn’t had a lot of help from his other companions, but I’ve already seen a lot of progress with him with only 5 days together. As you can see, I have my hands really full. However, I’m happy, I’m up to the challenge. I’m becoming the person that I need to become. I’m overcoming my fears of talking in public. On my first day in the area, I had to do an activity for ward activity night. We did some sort of a game show and I was the host. I feel like I did a good job of gaining their confidence. It’s all about confidence. If you think you can do something, then you can do it. It’s just all about being positive. I keep praying that I can make a difference, or do my part to help this zone get back on top. In this situation, I’m reminded of Mitt Romney when he had to turn around the Olympics.

No Investigators…but by next week I’ll be ready to give a good report.

I saw the photos of dad in Washington D.C. and wow I really want to go someday. I hope dad is happy doing what he is doing.

Well Family, I hope all is well. I’m praying for you guys and pray for your success and your protection

Just please pray for me that I can make the difference and that I can receive help from on high. I know I’m weak, but I know with His help I can do it.

Love Elder Webster

Monday, April 22, 2013

April 21, 2013

Hola familia,

This was transfers and I’m heading out to another area. This area is called Artigas. About 6 months ago when I was coming here to this area, I had a layover in This same city. I went out with an elder to go visit some of the members. I remember thinking, wow, these members are amazing, and that I wish I could be in a ward like that someday. I couldn’t believe that I was getting sent back to this very same ward. I can’t tell you how happy I was. I was also a little intimidated. This area is famous in the mission. It’s where they send all of the studs…even legendary missionaries to this ward because they always are baptizing a lot of people. I remember I was eating lunch with a member family when they called me to tell where I was going. After the phone call I was telling this to the members and I felt a little intimidated by this ward. The mom and her daughter were telling me that I don’t need to be intimidated. God called you to this area because he knew you were needed. “He called you because you are capable.” That really was a tender mercy for me. I need to have more confidence in my abilities and not compare myself to other missionaries. I’m also District Leader again. I can see that God is helping me and guiding me to become the person that I need to become.

I’m really going to miss this area, especially the converts Sandra and Sara. Just because we went through a lot with them. I pray that the rest of their families can receive the gospel. The 3 kids of Sandra have a baptismal date for the 11th May. I’m hoping that I can come back for the baptism. I feel sad to leave because I actually have made some really good friends here, unlike the other areas I’ve been in. Friends I hope to keep for the rest of my life.

I have changed a lot here in Tacuarembó, I actually feel like a missionary now. My Spanish is a lot better. But I still need to keep practicing.

Lauren Does not even look the same. Her Smile is amazing. I’m very pleased with the work of Dr. Simister…haha. But wow, she has a great smile now.

I hope Stephen can get his act together, for when I get home. I just need to keep praying for him, and for what I can do to help him.

1. Artigas Barrio... they talk a lot of Portuguese up there because it’s on the border with Brazil. Everything is also a lot cheaper up there. I’m pretty excited to go.
2. Birthday…I would like a pair of black pants. All of my pants are starting to wear out. I just need one more pair to help with the rotation. I would like some money to buy a scripture case made here. They make some pretty cool cases with pictures burned on to leather case. Also, maybe also another motab CD
3. Deodorant please, and did you get another debit card sent off?

Thanks so much family. I can see God blessing our lives so much in our lives. It makes me so happy that I chose to serve a mission. I hope we can keep working hard on helping our family be more united and stay on the path, so we can be together forever.

Love you Guys
Elder Webster

Monday, April 15, 2013

April 14, 2013

Hey Family,

So this was a pretty exciting week for us. We had the baptism of Sara!!! I still can’t believe she got baptized. It was an awesome baptism, a lot of the members came and the kids of Sara came. They are still not showing much Interest but they came to support their mom because they know how much the Church has helped her. I love going to baptisms. I always feel the spirit, and I love seeing people making the decision to follow Christ and be baptized. Sara said that after she was baptized she said she felt different somehow, it was a good different. She thanked the members of the ward for helping her and us the missionaries. 3 months ago she was a woman who was ready to give up on life. Now she’s happy and working hard to provide for her kids and to keep the commandments of God. She’s a great Person.

This Sunday Sandra Brought 5 of her kids to Church in a Taxi. It was so awesome to see them.  We have begun trying to teach them. Teaching the older kids is a little easier but her younger kids are a struggle. 2 of her kids are partially mentally handicapped. I asked Kristen for some teaching advice, because I’m really at a loss.

I’m glad it was a better week for Lauren. I was praying for her all this week. Tell her that she needs to go to Sunday school class and Young Womens. I deeply regret being so shy when I was younger and not wanting to go to activities. I wish I had known better. I missed out on a lot of blessings and a lot of opportunities to help people. Tell her she is needed and that she needs to go to help God. And if she does that, God will help her. Pray for courage Lauren. I’ll do the same.

You’ll have to take pictures or a video this week of the house, the rooms, and of Lauren without Braces. I’m excited to see that picture.

1. You probably should send another debit card. I don’t know how long it has been since you sent the last one.
2. I’m not sure what I want for my birthday. I’ll make a list for next week. I’m really excited about the small preach my gospel.
3. I’m doing well. I’m really happy that we had this baptism and that we can now work with the family of Sandra.
4. Transfers are next week. I’ll talk to you guys next Tuesday.

Questions: What is the new Address to our house? Are we in ward with the Hatch family and Simister family, or is it a different ward? Take a picture of my room ok.

Love you family, Thanks so much for everything

Love Elder Webster

Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Hey Family, I hope everything is going great down in good old Saint George…and with the new house. I hope you guys enjoyed conference as much as I did. It was really good and it was really fun going to the church to watch with the whole stake. We watched the conference in English with all of the Gringos in another room. It’s just not the same watching Elder Holland and having some other voice talking. I’m writing a letter a little later about the conference…so I’ll let you guys know.

This week we had a miracle happen with Sara our investigator. We went to her house and we shared a scripture with her to help her find an answer. Before we started she stopped us, telling us that she had to get something off her chest. She told us that when we had the charla with President and Sister Heaton, she felt something when she was talking to them. She said especially when she was talking to Sister Heaton. She felt such purity and light. She felt good, and she didn’t know people like that existed in the world still. She said she went and talked to her friend about these feelings and her friend explained that these feelings were coming from the Spirit. She decided then that she wanted to baptized. She is going to get baptized this next Saturday, April13th. It’s been a miracle to see this play out in her life.

I’m really sorry about what’s been happening with Lauren. It’s probably better that Lauren will not be hanging out with those kind of people for the next couple of years. I will be praying for her. I feel terrible that this is happening to her. I wish I was home to help her. If there is anything I can do please let me know.

Thanks for everything family. I’m really happy with the work and I’m trying to get better every day.

Love Elder Webster

Monday, April 1, 2013

 April 1, 2013

Hola Famila,

How is everyone doing? I hope This Easter was an eventful one. It was for me. I had a good time studying about the resurrection with my companion and President Heaton. We had interviews this week, and the president, his wife, and the assistants came down to talk to our zone and give us some advice. They talked about knowing our weapons, about knowing the Book of Mormon and being able to share something at a minutes notice. They also talked about sharing the book with families and that there are many scriptures in the Book of Mormon that talk to the family. After that I went in to have what would be my last interview with President Heaton. They go home in June. It will be very different having a different mission president. I will miss them. I’ll have to try to invite them to my home coming. There’s plenty of time for that. In my interview, he told me that he was very happy with my efforts as a missionary and that I could be considered a successful missionary and that I had overcome many obstacles in the mission. He also talked about receiving revelation in the mission. After that we talked about D&C 138 when President Joseph F. Smith received revelation about the spirit world. He said this is a good lesson for all on how to receive revelation.

After that we talked about some of our Investigators. We talked about Sara and how she was doing. That she was infronting a lot of problems. He asked if we were going to have a lesson with her that day and I said “yes.” He asked to arrange a meeting and a lesson with her. Later that day, President Heaton came with us to the lesson with Sara. He helped her out a lot by giving her hope in this life. It was great having him there. I’ll have to write more about that in my letter.

I heard about Lauren. That’s okay, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. I remember Grandpa R’s story about when he failed an exam or wasn’t accepted to become a college professor. And that he was greatly disappointed. He didn’t understand why that happened. So he took a different path with his career and ended up making a lot more money in this other job. Lauren will have to ask grandpa about that story.

I’m happy people came to help with the move. I remember going to help people move into or out of there houses and it only being me and dad and maybe one other Elder. I’m glad people came to help. You’ll have to thank them for me. I’m also happy I’ll be coming back to that ward to give my coming home talk.

Question: This is kind of a trunky question, but I need to ask it. When I reach to my 18 month mark they send a paper asking for who is your bishop your stake president…your address, if your parents are going to come look for you…if you are going home early to study. But If I’m registered in the same ward I just need to put Bishop Mayfield and President Bangerter. I just need our new address I guess.

Thanks so much family. I love you guys so much. I’m still praying for you guys and I’ll be praying for Lauren especially.