Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Hey Family, I hope everything is going great down in good old Saint George…and with the new house. I hope you guys enjoyed conference as much as I did. It was really good and it was really fun going to the church to watch with the whole stake. We watched the conference in English with all of the Gringos in another room. It’s just not the same watching Elder Holland and having some other voice talking. I’m writing a letter a little later about the conference…so I’ll let you guys know.

This week we had a miracle happen with Sara our investigator. We went to her house and we shared a scripture with her to help her find an answer. Before we started she stopped us, telling us that she had to get something off her chest. She told us that when we had the charla with President and Sister Heaton, she felt something when she was talking to them. She said especially when she was talking to Sister Heaton. She felt such purity and light. She felt good, and she didn’t know people like that existed in the world still. She said she went and talked to her friend about these feelings and her friend explained that these feelings were coming from the Spirit. She decided then that she wanted to baptized. She is going to get baptized this next Saturday, April13th. It’s been a miracle to see this play out in her life.

I’m really sorry about what’s been happening with Lauren. It’s probably better that Lauren will not be hanging out with those kind of people for the next couple of years. I will be praying for her. I feel terrible that this is happening to her. I wish I was home to help her. If there is anything I can do please let me know.

Thanks for everything family. I’m really happy with the work and I’m trying to get better every day.

Love Elder Webster

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