Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31,2012

Hey dad hows everything going? I hope work will improve. It’s awesome to hear that Wil Bangether is finally leaving. He had to wait a long time to finally leave, and its crazy that Adam Bangether is already back. It feels like he just left.
Well 1 change is now officially done now. My trainer moved back up to district leader this change. So now he has to take care of me and the district now.  Things are good though last night I had a good feeling after I said my personal prayers all in really good Spanish. Usually I struggle in spanglish forgetting words are using bad grammar. But it felt good just to see how far I’ve come. My trainer really wants to get a baptism this change with me. We have some really good prospects; we just have to follow it through. Well thanks dad. I hope everything is going well with the family. Pray for you guys a lot.
 My health is pretty good. I work out or just stretch in the mornings. I take my vitamins and drink plenty of water.
Hey Mom, I’m doing great. This week I wasn’t as tired, I chewed gum when I started falling asleep and that helped. I take the pills that I have everyday, the multivitamin and the vitamin C. Work was really good this week. I think this has been the hardest we’ve worked since I’ve been here. We continue to try to reach our goals that we set for each week. We got close this week. We will just have to redouble our efforts this week. I haven’t been to a zone conference yet. I think sometime this next month. We just have district meeting every Tuesday. We only have 4 elders in our district. But it’s all right. It is because we are in a small town away from the big city where the rest of the elders in our zone are. It’s a new change now and my trainer moved back up to district leader. SO that’ll be fun.
The best part of the week was Sunday. We’ve been praying for a little girl to come and she finally came. It was really great. We also had a pretty emotional sacrament meeting. We sang till we meet again, and it always makes people cry. We sang it because an old couple is moving away to live in a retirement home. Kind of sad. I get my uruguest emails on Tuesdays during district meeting. I think if you mail it by Sunday it should get to me by that Tuesday.

Ok love you mom. Keep doing reading and praying as a family. Its the consistency that counts. I just read a great talk about that by Elder Bedner 2009 G.C
Hey Scuba Steve. I hope everything is going great. I’m really glad the Pats are in the super bowl. Hopefully they just roll over the giants. I was way ticked when they lost in the super bowl a couple years to them. So hopefully they get some sweet revenge. Working out really does make you feel so much better. I need it to help me deal with stress of the mission etc etc. But just doing little things each day really make a difference. I was in a member house yesterday doing a family home evening with them when a super bowl commercial came on. It made me a little bummed because this will be the first time I won’t watch the super bowl with you guys. Oh well though. The work is good and I try to work hard and enjoy everyday.
Thanks for everything Steve. Pray for you a lot.
Elder Web*

Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

Hey Dad,
 How’s it going? This week has flashed by so fast. I wonder if that’s what happens with the whole mission.  It just flashes by at the blink of an eye. I haven’t been taking my vitamins like I should have. I will start taking the vitamins.  Hopefully that’ll help with my tiredness. That’s really funny to hear about Laurens new bike. Hopefully frodo comes to like it. That’s too bad for Mitt. Hopefully things go better in Florida. Those evangelists are tough; we have a problem with them here too. Hope things are going great with Chris Stewart! I`m really kicking myself now for not finishing reading the “Brothers” series, I want to know how he thought things would play out. All right thanks Dad. Hope everything is going good in St. George. Keep the family reading and praying. Its the responsibility of the priesthood holder of the house. Love you Dad.
Elder Webster

Hey Lauren.
   I hope your birthday was super great. I love you so much, I kept thinking about you through out your whole birthday day. Its crazy how old you are. I’m just grateful I’ll be home before you turn 16 so I can scare all of the boys that want to date you away. Its so awesome to hear you guys praying and reading everyday. I can’t tell you how happy I am because of this. It truly brings great blessings to the family. I’ve seen the difference with families here. It’s the best thing for strengthening families. Yo stifico
I love you so much Lauren. Remember who you are always.
Elder Webster

p.s. No we didn’t get to baptize that person on the 21st we are really bummed about it. We just had everything go wrong at the wrong time. The whole bishopric left town this week, so that complicated a lot of things then in the end it just didn’t work out. Also with the bishopric out of town, I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting. It was pretty rough, but I think I got my message across. The Bishopric didn’t inform us before church they were not going to be there so it was a last minute thing. I had to lead the music and pass the sacrament and then give a talk. It was a rough Sunday But that’s the life of a missionary.

Hey Mom how are things?
Things have been good here. This week went by really fast. We spent a lot of time visiting menos activos. We have about 120 members in our branch but only about 20 come.  This week was also pretty tough in a way I’ve had a bad case of stomach flu, not fun. But I think its flushed out of my system. I just had 3 bad days in a row with that, but I’m good now.  I would love to have a cookbook mom. It would be so awesome if I could get something like that. Spanish Is better. I can read like a champ. Its just conversing with people that’s just a little difficult. Especially when they don’t have any teeth. Which is the case for a lot of people down here. I haven’t gotten your letter yet. Hopefully tomorrow. I did get a letter from the Wisons though, Bridgers family. It was nice to hear from them.  It would be nice if you sent shorter emails that I can respond, and write longer ones to uruguest as it does cost money to print 

I hope Lauren had a nice birthday. I feel bad I couldn’t get her anything. I’ll work on sending a package home someday. It makes me mad that she gets made fun just tell her if she can get through the 8th grade she can get through anything (John Bytheway said that haha) Thank you for praying and reading as a family. It means the whole world to me. It really does. Hope Stephen is doing well. Go Pats.
Love you mom.
Elder Webster

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 2, 2011

     Hey Family How are things. things are really fun here. Its been crazy with Christmas and New Years Eve. Its just a really big party for them. They stay up all night partying and then they sleep all day. So Proselyting has been hard recently. We have 3 really good investigators right now. and they've all accepted to be baptized. Now we`re just trying to get them ready for baptism. Getting them to church is really biggest problem, people here are just super laid back. 
     Christmas night and New Years Eve was way fun we climbed up on our roof to watch the fireworks. Its fun to see the whole city shoot off what would be illegal fireworks in the USA.
     Thank you for your prayers. thank you for telling me that experience mom, that brings so much comfort to me. I've been trying really hard to come closer to Brennan and the Savior. I just want to learn more about them. I`ve been thinking a lot what Brennans mission is. I don`t need to know but I just wonder a lot about it.
      Thats pretty cool about BYU, thats what I like about Riley Nelson. is he isn`t the best but he is a gamer when the game is on the line. no I haven`t received the package from Kristen, hopefully tomorrow I`ll get it.I got grandmas christmas package though. Yes I can print emails its not a problem. I`m going to write some more today in my letters. Thanks for everything. Keep me posted on politics sports regular life and more signs of the world coming to the end that kinda stuff haha. Love you.

December 26, 2011

Hey, I`m really glad Grandpa is using material that I've sent home in his Sunday School lessons. That makes me feel pretty good about myself. Sorry I won`t be able to send pictures till next week. We went out of town this p day morning to watch a movie with the zone as a Christmas present from the president. We watched Kung Fu Panda 2.
I can`t really print this emails any more, so you might have to get better at writing letters. Well ok love you guys say hi to my friends for me.

Handwritten Letter Dated December 11, 2011

Hey Family,
            One more week has flashed by here in the MTC. The days are starting to mesh together so I think I will need to be more dedicated in my journal writing. I don’t think I can trust my head with such a task anymore. I don’t know if I have told you this before but I am no longer in a trio. It is just Elder Kohl and I now. We get along so well now that is just he and I. We have very similar tastes. We enjoy the same types of movies, music even video games. (Stephen will be happy to hear that he loves watching Arrested Development & Modern Family) Elder Kohl is about the same size as I am.  He is a stocky looking rugby player.  We love playing sports together during physical time and working out together. He also plays the violin, which is an old combo for a rugby player. Right now he is helping me learn to read music. After every meal we’ll go spend 15 minutes on the piano and he’ll teach me. Elder Kohl is really smart, he just has trouble spitting the words out when he tries to speak Spanish, so he really doesn’t speak that much Spanish. But when he does it is perfect grammatically. Elder Kohl has had a few rough goes in life. He is 24 years old but I am so happy he is here. His story for getting out on a mission is really amazing, it’s all about living up to our potential here on this earth. I feel the spirit so strong every time he tells it.  As a side note Elder Kohl has a brother that just arrived here. He is also going to the Montevideo West Mission. Crazy right he is 19.
            This week has been pretty tough for me. I have just had a lot of things go wrong, and it’s really frustrating because I find myself being sad. Then I get mad because as a missionary I need to stay happy and confident. I don’t know where I am going with this but it has just been a rough week with the language teaching and how much I feel I know compared to other missionaries. They seem to know so much more and seem so much brighter than I am.
            We watched the Christmas devotional today and I really liked what President Monson said about the spirit of Christmas. I liked listening to the stories he likes to read at Christmas time, The Christmas Carol and The Mansion. These two stories really helped me recall what this time of year is really about. It reminded me a lot of home and about our family traditions. I miss you guys. This is the time of year when we spend a lot of time together. But I know I am supposed to be here. Stephen watch the Muppet Christmas Carol for me. Oh and thanks so much for the music, everyone here loves it.
            Things are tough here and I can only imagine it getting tougher once I get out in to the actual field. But I know that I am growing everyday and that things are hard for a reason. Its for my own good (D&C 122:7-9) I hope everything is going well with you guys, Thanks for all of your support and for paying tithing, we just had a lesson on fire insurance. Love you all. I hope Brennan’s birthday is great. I feel him with me in times of need.
             One final thought – When they say “Endure to the end” I think they really mean keep progressing to the end. Yes, we are saved by grace and yes we will be judged for our works. But I think another factor will be who we have become when we meet the Father and the Son at the last day.

December 22, 2011

Hey Family,
Just wanted to let you know I arrived safely in Montevideo Uruguay. We get the chance to Skype on Christmas day rather than just a telephone call. We have it set up at a members house at 6pm which will be 1 pm your time. I`ll send you a quick email on Sunday telling you the email address of the person we`re Skyping with so don`t forget 1 pm Utah time.

Handwritten Letter Dated December 4, 2011

December 4, 2011
Hola Familia  y amigas,
            I am so happy for the time I have to write to you guys. I have been thinking a lot about you guys since I received your emails. I am really happy to hear about my request for testimonies have been answered. I can’t wait to read them.
            I want to express my deep gratitude for family prayer; I always feel so much comfort when I hear personas are praying for me. I feel the power of others everyday here in the MTC. Lacey’s letter touched me when she said her dad (Rusty) said “ we are going to have family prayer and pray for Chase everyday until he comes home.” She then also said they have been doing this since I've been gone, and that by doing so has brought them closer as a family. I love hearing this the power of family prayer and bringing them closer together as a family.  Please tell the Lowe’s and everyone else “thank you”, for their prayers.
            This week we’ve had a rough time with one of the sister missionaries. She is just having trouble and she wanted to go home. But we talked and we decided that I should give her a blessing. (Take note I’ve never given anyone a blessing before). So I prepared myself the best I could. President George gave me some sound direction saying that when you give a blessing, be sure to give blessings not ask for them. I took this to heart thinking, you are exercising Gods power and that He is using you as a mouthpiece, His tool! When the time came to give the blessing I was really nervous but I’ve never felt so confident in Gods power. My companion and I laid our hands upon her head; and I gave her a Priesthood blessing. It was a blessing of comfort, and I felt Gods love fall upon her. It was an awesome experience for me. I know I have a testimony of the Priesthood and its power. This sister has decided to stay and she said that things are starting to turn around. She bore her testimony today of the power of the priesthood.
            Spanish is still a struggle. Today I was “released” from being a district leader, my six weeks are up. (Very sad) I really enjoyed helping people and I am going to miss it. Well I miss you guys so much. I pray for you and hope all is well.
Love ya’ll
Elder Webster

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

Hey Mom!
How is everything going on at home. Life in the mission is hard work. I am not used to working so hard everyday. Suffering from being tired is my biggest challenge. The other day we were in a lesson
with a member and I started falling asleep while we were singing. My companion said I would sing a line then stop singing then wake up and sing a line then fall asleep.

I’m doing all right with the walking. The worst days are Sunday because I work out my legs on Saturday so when Sunday comes around walking is brutal. I’m trying to stay in shape because our zone leader in
just about 3 months has gained a lot of weight. His parents cried because he was just so much bigger... so I am trying to stay in shape.  I received Kristen’s package. It was great! I love the smiths. I wish
them the best and pray for them often.

I budget my money from week to week and try to save a little for emergencies and for fun stuff, like buying a gift or a jersey or for making a really nice meal. I am doing well with money right now.

 I’m sorry about letters. I heard it takes about 2 to 3 weeks maybe even more time for mail to reach the USA from here. So I might just start writing them before hand and type them in my computer time.
We’ll see.

 I hope Sweeden or Roberts get the head-coaching job they’re more about the kids and the life lessons you learn from football. I just know I learned a lot from Coach
Sweeden, and Coach Sharp freshman year that carried on.

 One thing that I would really like to do when I get home is go back East as a family, and go on our own little heritage tours. Recently I’ve just truly gained a testimony about Joseph Smith and I want to
go to the places where he was. I feel like I’ve grown so much already since I’ve been here. I’ve gained such a strong testimony about things that I thought I already a testimony about. I just feel fire inside when I hear the song Joseph Smith’s first prayer and whenever I recite the first vision.

I love you all. Remember O.L.A orar(pray) leer(read BOM) asistir(attend church) if you guys do these things I know you’ll be alright. I’ll still write a letter. I just hope they get to you before I come home haha.

Hey Lauren! I’m really excited about your birthday. You’ll be 14 years old. Holy Cow! I remember holding you when you were just a baby. Now you’re almost as tall as I am.  Its crazy to think how old we are getting. Well I love you Lauren I hope you have a great week and a really amazing birthday. Remember who you are and what you stand for. Be nice to everyone especially mom.
Love Elder Webster

Lauren the fastest way to send me mail is through my urugoest@gmail.com email. I get it through the mail the next Tuesday from when you send it. If you guys want to do this you can write a lot more and I wont have to print off my emails and it gets here faster.

Hey Steve. I really want to go back east when I get back home. I really want to experience what you experienced when you went on heritage tours. I’ve really come to grasp about the restoration now, and I just want stand where Joseph Smith also stood. Thanks for your testimony.  I hope things are good. I pray for you every day. Love tu hermano menor

Hey Dad. I really hope Work and life at home is going well. Life here is getting tougher and tougher. You’d think it would get easier. But some days I just wonder if I’ll be able wake up the next day because
I’m always so tired. I feel like I’m growing so much. I love studying the gospel and gaining new knowledge. I often read yours and moms testimonies when days are tough. They bring so much hope and strength to me. Thank you so much for them. I also like reading about Brennan. I just feel like I want to know him more. I pray and study a lot. I also want to gain a testimony about the Savior, to believe in him even though I can’t see him, and keep growing to the point were when the day does come when I stand at his feet my faith will be the same as if I haven’t seen him.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary, and even If I don’t have much success I will now that I have been truly converted.
Love you dad. Have a great week. Keep working hard. I know you always do.

Love Elder Webster

Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012

Hey Family,

 Things are going great here in Uruguay. It’s getting pretty hot here though. I can’t wait till winter. But on the plus side, Elder Belk took me to this cowboy shop and bought me a cool hat to wear in the heat. It’s awesome!

Everyday gets a little harder it feels like. Which is good because I feel like I am growing and stretching just a little more each day. We’re having great success with one of our investigators, Pilar, He has such great faith and accepts everything. It’s really quite amazing. He is scheduled to be baptized on the 21st. Laurens birthday. It’s going to be a great day. I can’t wait.

We cook a lot. I’m usually the rice and noodles person right now. But my responsibilities grow each day, like the other day I made brownies all by myself. Right now watermelons are really cheap, and fruit is reimbursable. so we’ve bought a lot of watermelons. Right now I’m up to eating just a quarter of one, but I’ll work up to eating a whole half soon.

I’m learning a lot in my personal studies. Just things that blow my mind each day.  Before I left on my mission I thought I knew a lot but compared to now, its not even comparable

I’m sad to hear that coach Nelson is resigning. I really liked him as a coach. He really cared about the kids rather than the scoreboard.  But I hope they can figure things out for the best. Maybe coach Roberts will get a shot at it.

I haven’t received Kristen’s package hopefully tomorrow. I sent a letter last week; I hope it gets there soon. I’ll write another one today with more details. I love you guys so much. Thank you for your prayers. Keep reading and praying as a family, then I know I have nothing to worry about.

Love Elder Webster