Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

Hey Dad,
 How’s it going? This week has flashed by so fast. I wonder if that’s what happens with the whole mission.  It just flashes by at the blink of an eye. I haven’t been taking my vitamins like I should have. I will start taking the vitamins.  Hopefully that’ll help with my tiredness. That’s really funny to hear about Laurens new bike. Hopefully frodo comes to like it. That’s too bad for Mitt. Hopefully things go better in Florida. Those evangelists are tough; we have a problem with them here too. Hope things are going great with Chris Stewart! I`m really kicking myself now for not finishing reading the “Brothers” series, I want to know how he thought things would play out. All right thanks Dad. Hope everything is going good in St. George. Keep the family reading and praying. Its the responsibility of the priesthood holder of the house. Love you Dad.
Elder Webster

Hey Lauren.
   I hope your birthday was super great. I love you so much, I kept thinking about you through out your whole birthday day. Its crazy how old you are. I’m just grateful I’ll be home before you turn 16 so I can scare all of the boys that want to date you away. Its so awesome to hear you guys praying and reading everyday. I can’t tell you how happy I am because of this. It truly brings great blessings to the family. I’ve seen the difference with families here. It’s the best thing for strengthening families. Yo stifico
I love you so much Lauren. Remember who you are always.
Elder Webster

p.s. No we didn’t get to baptize that person on the 21st we are really bummed about it. We just had everything go wrong at the wrong time. The whole bishopric left town this week, so that complicated a lot of things then in the end it just didn’t work out. Also with the bishopric out of town, I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting. It was pretty rough, but I think I got my message across. The Bishopric didn’t inform us before church they were not going to be there so it was a last minute thing. I had to lead the music and pass the sacrament and then give a talk. It was a rough Sunday But that’s the life of a missionary.

Hey Mom how are things?
Things have been good here. This week went by really fast. We spent a lot of time visiting menos activos. We have about 120 members in our branch but only about 20 come.  This week was also pretty tough in a way I’ve had a bad case of stomach flu, not fun. But I think its flushed out of my system. I just had 3 bad days in a row with that, but I’m good now.  I would love to have a cookbook mom. It would be so awesome if I could get something like that. Spanish Is better. I can read like a champ. Its just conversing with people that’s just a little difficult. Especially when they don’t have any teeth. Which is the case for a lot of people down here. I haven’t gotten your letter yet. Hopefully tomorrow. I did get a letter from the Wisons though, Bridgers family. It was nice to hear from them.  It would be nice if you sent shorter emails that I can respond, and write longer ones to uruguest as it does cost money to print 

I hope Lauren had a nice birthday. I feel bad I couldn’t get her anything. I’ll work on sending a package home someday. It makes me mad that she gets made fun just tell her if she can get through the 8th grade she can get through anything (John Bytheway said that haha) Thank you for praying and reading as a family. It means the whole world to me. It really does. Hope Stephen is doing well. Go Pats.
Love you mom.
Elder Webster

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