Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 24, 2011

Hey Family! Yes I finally received a package today. It was the first one you sent me. it had Laurens letter and Lacey and Jentri's letter,  and candy. Thank you for sending that notebook. I love it already. It reminds me of the Indiana Jones notebook from the Last Crusade movie. But that is all I received no letters yet. But i´m really happy that I got a package.

I´m doing really well here. I´m making progress each and everyday. Sorry about my plaque I´ll mail you a scripture today. We are not allowed to take pictures, but picture day is coming up so I´ll send you something soon.
I can´t tell if I´ve lost weight or gained weight. I need a scale. I´ll send you a picture and maybe you can tell me.
Sorry about the pouch thing,

 I have to apologize for my letter. I told dad happy 52 birthday. He just looks so young I still can´t believe he´s over 45. but i´m really sorry about that. I´m having a really hard time trying to remember my life before my mission. its only been a month and I´m already forgetting stuff.

Happy thanksgiving day! I so wish I could be there. I´ve been waiting so long for dads birthday to be on thanksgiving again, and now i missed it. Que babadidad. I finally figured it out what it meant. It´s like saying o my gosh. but in a context like o my gosh he´s so good at basketball, or like oh my gosh I can´t believe you did that. its translated into ( how barbaric) I think its really funny, people use it different texts but mostly when they are suprised.

Well I love you all thank you for the updates. Happy Thanksgiving

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