Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 17, 2011

Hey family. I am doing well here. Thank you for all of your love and your support. I always look forward to my email time. I haven’t received any letters yet. But for Christmas I would love candy bars. Snickers, reeces pieces, cookies and cream, also if you could send my byu pajamas. I´m really not sure what I want for Christmas I really want your testimonies or spiritual experiences for Christmas that would be really great. I would also like stories with Brennan.

Being a District leader is kind of tough. We only received 3 Americans in this last transfer so they just decided to put them with us. With the 3 Americans came this really emotional girl that keeps breaking down crying in the middle of class. She isn’t really pleasant to work with so it’s difficult. Also my one companion is a complete goof off. It’s very frustrating. But life here is just great.

The new Latinos really like me. I help them out a lot with stuff because I’m the district leader. They call me Capo, (Capo is the word for Stud) which makes me happy. They call me that because I work out in hall every morning and I am really strong. We have arm wrestling matches at night the Americans vs. the Latinos. It’s pretty fun.

I hope everything is going well in the land of America. If you want to hear about anything else just let me know. I will write more detailed things in my letters. I hope you can read my handwriting and sorry if my grammar is poor. I feel like my English is getting worse everyday as I learn more Spanish. I love you Guys. I hope to receive your letters soon

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