Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013 

Dear Family.

How is everybody, Lauren with driving, dad with politics, and mom with her homemaking projects?

Everyone asks me what I want to study when I get home and I tell them that I would like to either be a sports therapist or go into politics. It’s funny to see the response because everyone thinks that politicians just rob money from the people. They tell me to stick to being a sports therapist. But we’ll see what happens.

This week we had a lot of meetings with ward leaders. There just never seems like there is enough time as a missionary to do all of the things they ask us. Right now we are working as the Elders quorum counselors. That keeps us busy.  I have gained a great testimony of working with leaders., and understanding that our priesthood leaders have been given priesthood keys to lead and to give counsel.

We had a priesthood activity last Saturday where we invited all of the men with the higher priesthood. We shared a lesson about being prepared for conference and for helping others enjoy conference. We shared the Sept message from Elder Anderson in the Ensign. He shared a story about a member trying to share the gospel with a neighbor and they brought up the theme of general conference. The neighbor asked the member why they have conference, the member responded because that is when we have the chance to hear from our living latter day prophets. The neighbor then asked, ¨well what did they say to you last conference?  The man froze in shame, as he could not recall. After his encounter with his neighbor he vowed to listen to what the living prophets had to say the next conference.

We then gave out paper to everyone and to write down 2 questions for conference. We felt that this was one of the most important things that we could have shared is to help the members receive their own revelation. Everyone told us that we did a very nice job with the whole presentation. The Elders quorum president said he was surprised by how well we did. We definitely gained his confidence. After that we ate.

The next day we had a nice church service. The bishop talked about rescuing. He shared my favorite verses from the Book of Mormon, Alma 26. He then shared my favorite scripture verse 12 which talks about through the strength of the Lord we can do all things. I shared with everyone that this was my favorite scripture before the mission, and that my testimony had been confirmed about this scripture after 2 years. It was pretty amazing.

My package arrived! It was a pretty awesome package. I’m very grateful! Thanks so much.

I’ll try to bring home some candy for Lauren.

Thanks Family for everything. I’ll see you next week. Next week are changes so I’ll be writing on Tuesday.

Love Elder Webster

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