Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2nd 

Hola family. How`s everyone doing. It`s pretty strange to hear our family going to pineview games now. but I`ll have to admit their games are fun to watch. but I`m doing good here in Artigas. I`m very happy that I get to end my mission here. It was pretty tough saying goodbye to my son Elder Evans. but its part of the mission. My new companion is named Elder Call. From pleseant view Utah. or Weber. He`s really tall. 6 5. so now there are two really blond headed missionaries strolling around artigas. How awesome is that. We are sure to get some attention now.
This was a pretty good week for us. We are really working hard with a family(family Rodriguez) that are investigating the church. The parents are both reading the book of mormon but have a problem getting to church. President Smith gave us some advise in helping our investigators get to church. In zone conference he talked about giving tours of the church for the people who are investigating the church. We gave a tour to this family and we explained all of the simbolism that there is in the church. we also showed the baptismal font and in that moment we felt the spirit really strongly. after that we showed them the sacrament room. and explained the importance of the sacrament. It was a really great experience. and the results were that they all went to church the next day.
We also helped reactivate a family that haven`t gone to church in over 2 years. HOY ES EL DIA. or Today is the Day. Thats the motto for the mission. god is quickening his work today.
I`m loving the mission right now. I feel like I`m at home glued to the tv screen playing a video game and all of a sudden mom yells at me saying ¨Chase come take out the trash¨  I yell back, ¨mom and can`t leave my game, I`m saving the world¨
Thats how I feel as a missionary. I can`t leave, I`m out saving the world.
Packages. I don`t think I need anything.
but with laurens friend Jaden. I don`t know if she has gone to church before, but I think if you did a tour. that would help her feel more comfortable. and let her know where she is going to be. what she is going to do, and with who. That helped us out this week.
Thanks Family. I love you all.
Question. Are there any types of Souvenirs  that you guys want? I need to start planning a little.

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