Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 22nd

Hey Family, How`s everyone doing? I`m doing amazing here in Artigas. We had a really positive turn out at the church yesterday. we had 143 come. In June President gave us the goal of doubling our assistance. In June we were having 100 people on averege. and we want to reach 200 by years end. so right now we are on track. I now feel like I`m really doing my part in helping in the work. before it felt like everyone was just in a compitition to see who could baptize the most. and it caused a lot of problems. but now the focus is in rescueing our brothers and sisters that are lost. and working with our ward leaders and become one. So far we have been seeing really positive results. The Stake President called us to be the Counsolars to our Elders Queorem president. Its been fun working with him. Yesterday I gave the lesson in Elders querom. Which was pretty fun. Sometimes its a little weird teaching a lone and not having your companion to help you out but its something that I`m just going to have to get used to it. but working in the Elders Quorem is pretty fun. Its fun working with the other elders in the ward. right now we do not have a lot of active elders so we are working a lot on helping activate some other elders. This last week we had a BBQ. and we talked and taught about how to give some of the Priesthood blessings. very cool. 

One of our investigators that we have is leaving town and going to work in Monte Video for about a month. He had been to church 2 and he and his wife were planning on getting baptized my last week in Uruguay. but now he is leaving, I`m a little bummed that he left especially because I have been teaching him and his family for over 4 months now. And now that they have just been going to church. well I`m sure god has a plan for this family. I know it`ll all work out in the end. 

IMPORTANT. The mission is telling me know that they had a few problems with the travel plans of all of the missionaries of our group. and that they haven`t sent any of the release information to any of the Stake Presidents. but they told me that they will just send it with us when we go home and that I will personally give it to my stake President. 

Well family. I love you guys a lot. and I hope all is well. I`m trying to work hard up to the last second as a missionary. but I`m enjoying it. and I`m happy to see progress in my area and in my ward. 

Love Elder Webster

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