Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9th

Hello Family. Another week has passed by flying, we had a huge heat wave here in Uruguay. especially here in Artigas, where we are in the northest part of Uruguay, and it just gets hotter the farther north you go.  This was a pretty good week. but it felt like we did a lot of walking. Right now we are working a lot in the "rescue" of the people here in our ward. The goal is to double the attendence of the ward. When they gave us the goal we had 100 people. so we are trying  to get to 200 people attending church before years end. This last Sunday we had 120. so we've gone up 20. but we still have a lot to go. 
This week we helped a woman go to church who haden't been in over 5 years. She's been going through a tough time with her husband and she also has a child with a mental handicap. which is tough. 'we had a lesson with her where we shared 1nephi chapter 2. 1-7 Where god calls Lehi to leave his home in Jerusalem and to go into the Desert. God did this in order to save his family. This Sister was so worried about her son and his handicap that she said that she knew what she needed to do to help her son. and that was to go to church. It was great seeing her in church.
We also had a chance to help a lot of the active member families this week. Including the family of the bishop. Obispo Lopez. and the Familia Paz. We both shared the first Chapter of the the book of mormon with them. and changed the names of Lehi and his family and put the names of all of the people in the family. It sure does change our perspective when we are putting our families in the book, and not just strangers.
I really feel good with helping the ward reactivate families, but we are struggling with all of our investigators. I'm praying that we can have one more baptism before I leave.
Im trying really hard to finish my mission strong, Please Pray for me this last couple of weeks that I have left.
Answers. I don't know anything yet about travel plans. I just know I should be home October 10. That Thursday night or Friday in the morning. but I'm not really 100% sure yet.

Love you Family.
Elder Webster

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