Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, March 25, 2013

MARCH 25, 2013

Hey Family, how’s it all going. I’ve been doing well I feel a lot better now that I an not sick. It sure takes a lot of you being sick in the mission. There is no such thing as taking a sick day. The weather was pretty cold last week but now its back to being warm and sunny. It is crazy how fast the weather changes here.

This week we had a few problems with our investigators. With Lessons falling through, and having to drop a few investigators, we finished the week strong having some good lessons yesterday. One lesson we had in particular was with a family that has recently become less active. They haven’t been to church in a month now. We passed their house and I felt prompted to turn around and go visit them. We stopped by and asked how they were doing. I asked the Husband if he’d like to share his favorite scripture with us. He shared two scriptures with us. Telling us that these two scriptures had helped him times before, but he felt that this time was different, and that he didn’t know what to do. The husband told me they were just going through a spiritual rut, saying they just don’t feel the spirit anymore in their lives and that they just didn’t see the point in going to church anymore. He was the Young men’s president and the wife was the in the Stake Relief society. Both the husband and wife are in their late 20s.  I didn’t know what to tell them except that I loved them, and that they had gone to the temple had made been sealed together as a family. I thought this was something worth fighting for. After that we kneeled down to pray and the husband said a very powerful prayer, asking for help.  I felt very good leaving the house, I hope they will come back.

 But Sounds pretty busy down there with the whole moving experience. You need to take pictures of the house or if possible send a video.

How’s Stephen doing?  I haven’t heard much about him in a while.

Question for Mom and Dad. What have you guys done to help strengthen your marriage in tough times?

Let me know if Lauren is trying out for cheer, and if she does let me know how it goes.

One thing I think I want for my birthday or whenever is a Small Preach my Gospel in Spanish. See if you can find one.

I’ve sent two letters these past two weeks. I’ll try to write another one today.

Anything I can do for you guys?

Well thanks so much you guys. I love you all and I pray for you guys individually.

Elder Webster

Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

Hola Familia, como estan? I hope everything has been going good with the move and with work and with cheer and volleyball.  It sounds like things are pretty much the same as when I left. Busy with sports and work. I remember when we moved from Alpine to St. George and how sad I was to be leaving. But I r Kristen Smith told me that it can be fun to move. You get to start over in a way, and try to be the person that you want to be. That brought much comfort to me. I think it can be the same for Lauren and for you mom and dad.

Well this week was a little disappointing but it happens. Anthony did not get baptized this last weekend. He just didn’t want to. We’ve tried everything. We don’t understand why He doesn’t. want to be baptized. He just says the same thing to us. It is just simply no. So please pray for him.

We were waiting for 10 people to come to church this week and they all fell through. All sorts of things happened. People got sick, popped tires, all sorts of things happened to them So we didn’t have anyone come to church. But later that day during the Sacrament meeting, some crazy guy entered the chapel yelling and screaming and swearing. Several of the elders had the grab him to help him cool down. I guess he is a member of the other ward, and he has some mental problems. It was still pretty extreme experience. We think this is why none of our Inv. could come to church. That would have been quiet a disturbing experience for someone visiting the church for the first time.


1. I got a package!!! It was the one you sent in express mail last week. Thank you so much for sending the wire for my ipod and a memory card, saved my life.

2. Usually members cut my hair. They know how to do it just as well as the barber shop people do. haha

3 Cooking I haven’t had to in this area. I think I might have already forgotten how to do it.

4. Our investigators are doing well. It just slows things up a little now that none of them went to church. We are still pretty excited for Sara and her son Facundo.

5. We are getting a long a lot better now. He’s a little quiet sometimes

6. Usually play soccer, eat as a district, hang out a little with some members. Write you guys.

Question, is there anything I can do for you guys?

Ok love you guys thanks so much for everything.
Love Elder Webster

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MARCH 12, 2013

Hola family. How’s everything going? I’m just doing great, this week for changes I stay with my kid and we will have 6 more weeks together for training At the end of it all I will have been in this area Tacuarembo for 6 months. Pretty crazy.

This week we are hopefully having a baptism with Anthony. He is 11 years old, but he still is not too sure if he wants to get baptized or not. Please pray for him this week. He needs a lot of help.

This week our recent convert, Sandra. Received a ward calling, which is pretty rare for recent converts. She was called to be ithe Young Women’s 2nd councilor. She’ll do great, she always studies before church to prepare for all of the classes. We are also working on helping her family get to church. The stake is willing to pay for a taxi every other week, so her family will be able to get to church, which is great to hear.

Sara still has her baptismal date for the 30th of March . She will be getting baptized with her son Facundo. Still trying to work on their 17-year-old daughter. Her daughter didn’t come to church this week because she slept in.

This week we went to the Patria Goucha, or the Cowboy fair. It was really awesome. They have a parade where more than 5,000 horses and cowboys rode in the streets. It would be compared to shutting down All of River Road for more than 2 hours just to let horses ride in the streets. It was blast really. I decided I want to be cowboy when I get home. haha.

I am happy to hear that we will moving closer to he high school. Too bad we didn’t move over there sooner I spent a lot of time driving to and from the school. I know a lot of young women who live over there. It would’ve been great for high school ha ha ha.  Now we will be in the Desert Hills Stake and not the Pineview Stake. I will definitely miss Pres. Bangeter and the whole Bangeter family. But it will be good for Lauren to be closer to her friends from school.  I`m happy for you guys that we found a house.

I wanted to ask a question if dad is getting paid by the state to run the St. George office. If he is, If he is making more than when he was working with the Road Runners. I just want to know if its a really good job, or no.

Answers. No Nothing came this week. I just have to be patient thats all.

It sounds like everything is going good out there. I continue to pray for you guys and hope that you guys are well. Please pray for these investigators, they need a lot of help.

Love Elder Webster

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Elder Webster

Hey Family, how’s everyone doing?  This week we changed P-day from Monday to Wednesday because there is a big festival in town. It’s a cowboy festival and people come from all over Uruguay and Argentina and Paraguay to see it. I guess Tacuarembo is the cowboy capital for South America south. We are going to go today as our pday. 

Last week was a pretty rewarding week. Sandra came back from vacation and went to church and bore her testimony about her conversion during the fast and testimony meeting. It was really moving and a lot of the members were really surprised by the extent of her conversion. Many members went up after her to share their testimonies commenting about Sandra and her faith. A Felt very blessed to have been the missionary that helped her come to her conversion. 

Sara couldn’t attend church this last week, because she was sick in her bed and didn’t have the strength to get out of bed. We went to her house later that day to give her a blessing. When we got to her house she explained that ever since she started going to church things had started going better in her life. She was going through a tough divorce and had fear of losing her children, without having a job she thought the judge would give custody to the Father. But after going to church she received the help she needed in all of these areas, with work, her kids, and with the judges. She said she felt very blessed and that she had gained a great gratitude for the power of prayer and the power of the Book of Mormon. She explained that we had taught her son one evening without her present we taught him about the Book of Mormon and he began to read everyday and to say his prayers everyday. She was very touched that her son would do such a thing since he disliked religion. He is 12 years old, and his name is Facundo.  Sara told us that she wants to be baptized and her son would like to also. We set a baptismal date for the 30th of March. 

Please Pray for Sara and Facundo. We also have another little boy who will be baptized the 16th of March. His Name is Anthony. 

I didn’t receive any packages or mail this week. I`m still waiting for all of those things that you sent, the one Christmas package, debit card, and all of the other packages you said you were going to send. I think sending an envelope package is better for future. 

I was really hoping the debit card was going to come this week because I wanted to buy a souvenir at this cowboy festival. I’m a little discouraged with this whole mail system!

We’re moving!!! Where are we going to live? What part of town?

I didn’t finish my letter from last week so I’m sending it next Monday. Sorry.

Training is fine, just stressful. We are getting a little more used to each other. At first it was a little odd, I’ve been with Latinos for so long. But we are having great experiences together and I think we are going to have a great Change together. 

Transfers are next week, so I’ll talk to you guys on Tuesday. 

Love you Guys and thanks for everything

Love Elder Webster