Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

Hola Familia, como estan? I hope everything has been going good with the move and with work and with cheer and volleyball.  It sounds like things are pretty much the same as when I left. Busy with sports and work. I remember when we moved from Alpine to St. George and how sad I was to be leaving. But I r Kristen Smith told me that it can be fun to move. You get to start over in a way, and try to be the person that you want to be. That brought much comfort to me. I think it can be the same for Lauren and for you mom and dad.

Well this week was a little disappointing but it happens. Anthony did not get baptized this last weekend. He just didn’t want to. We’ve tried everything. We don’t understand why He doesn’t. want to be baptized. He just says the same thing to us. It is just simply no. So please pray for him.

We were waiting for 10 people to come to church this week and they all fell through. All sorts of things happened. People got sick, popped tires, all sorts of things happened to them So we didn’t have anyone come to church. But later that day during the Sacrament meeting, some crazy guy entered the chapel yelling and screaming and swearing. Several of the elders had the grab him to help him cool down. I guess he is a member of the other ward, and he has some mental problems. It was still pretty extreme experience. We think this is why none of our Inv. could come to church. That would have been quiet a disturbing experience for someone visiting the church for the first time.


1. I got a package!!! It was the one you sent in express mail last week. Thank you so much for sending the wire for my ipod and a memory card, saved my life.

2. Usually members cut my hair. They know how to do it just as well as the barber shop people do. haha

3 Cooking I haven’t had to in this area. I think I might have already forgotten how to do it.

4. Our investigators are doing well. It just slows things up a little now that none of them went to church. We are still pretty excited for Sara and her son Facundo.

5. We are getting a long a lot better now. He’s a little quiet sometimes

6. Usually play soccer, eat as a district, hang out a little with some members. Write you guys.

Question, is there anything I can do for you guys?

Ok love you guys thanks so much for everything.
Love Elder Webster

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