Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, June 24, 2013

JUNE 23rd  2013

Hey family this was another pretty good week, with lots of ups and downs.  With new challenges and new investigators.  This week we re found an investigator, Gabriela.  She is 16 years old. After about 2 weeks of looking for her house we finally found it. I guess I noted her cell phone number wrong when she gave it to me 2 weeks ago. So we were not able to communicate with her or find her house. One day we asked another of our investigators and she said knew her from school and told us where she lived. On Saturday night we went to see her, we found her and the rest of her family. During this 2-week period she had read the Book of Mormon and Moroni 10 3-5. She said that she prayed, and she said she received an answer.  She had a strong feeling about the BOM and just knew that the Book of Mormom was true.  She did all of that without the help of the missionaries. We were pretty shocked when she told us all of that. Its people like this, that are prepared to receive the gospel.

Giraldo. the professional soccer player is doing well. We give him scriptures to read through text messages and he calls his mom and explains what he has learned.

We had to say goodbye to President Heaton this week. We all had quick minute interview with him and his wife. In the interview they thanked me for serving a mission, and for being such a great missionary. President Heaton thanked me for training again.  They also thanked me for being with a few tough Latino companions, that they felt like my example will help them stay active after the mission. I really appreciated those comments.

For my birthday a member threw a surprise party for me. She called me to the house saying that a light bulb blew out and she was too short to change it. Asking if I could come and change it.  We walked into the dark house and we couldn’t see anything, and then the lights came on, people starting singing happy birthday in English. It was quite a surprise for people from the ward to come to throw a surprise party for me. They made me a cake and hot chocolate. Pretty fun.

Answers I did receive the packages all 4. Thanks so much.

Thanks so much family.
I love you guys so much.
Elder Webster

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