Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, June 17, 2013


Well this week I’m turning 21.  I feel so old. Especially since my comp anion is only 18.

This week our baptisms fell through. We just decided that they weren’t ready. they just needed a little bit more time. We now set the baptism for the 29th of June.  It was a little tough making that decision, but now I feel more reassured that it was the right move.

In church yesterday, Geraldo Simon came. He’s our investigator that plays professional soccer.  He had a soccer game last Friday, but in the game he received a red card. When you receive a red card you are immediately ejected from the game, and you can’t play in the next game. Since he got the red card and couldn’t play in the game Sunday, he decided to come home for the weekend. He came home very discouraged and wanted to talk to us. He was discouraged because He hadn’t been playing or practicing very well and his Girl friend dumped him all in the same week. They were together for 2 years. He wanted answers from us, because he told us that he had been praying all of this month to God for help. The more he prayed the more the trials came. He wanted to know why. We had a great lesson with him. We talked to him a little about God’s plan for us in this life.  When He wants to get our attention He sends trials. He realized that this had to be what was happening. That God was trying to talk to him. We talked to him about what we thought was God’s plan for him. We put some goals down for him to help him keep the commandments and to help him through this tough time in his life. He asked about baptism and we laid down some of the requirements for baptism. He agreed with everything but the law of chastity.  He is just too used to his professional athlete lifestyle but he said he would do it. We are really hoping that he can change his life around. He’s a really cool kid.  He’s only 19 years old. We are praying that he can change. He came to Church, and left Sunday night, and took a Book of Mormon with him to Montevideo to read. We put a baptism goal for him also for the 13 of July.  He is going to go to church in Montevideo for 1 week. Then come to church here for 2 weeks. 

Our mission president is going home this next week. We are meeting our new president this Thursday, President Smith.

One package came this last week. The one with my debit card. You can activate it now.  Thanks so much. How much do you think I can spend for my birthday? I’m feeling a lot better. It hasn’t gotten too cold here. Just please pray for our investigator, Geraldo Simon.

Thanks so much family. I love you all.

Elder Webster

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