Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27th

Hola family,

Well, we just had changes and Elder Evans is leaving and I’m staying here in Artigas. I’m going to finish my mission here in Artigas. I’m pretty excited about that. This has been my favorite area so far. I am a little sad that Elder Evans is leaving. I’m going to miss him a lot. Training was really fun and I feel like I learned a lot more this time as a trainer, and I can’t believe that these two transfers have gone by so fast.

We helped two inactive families come back to church this weekend. We were so happy to see that the first people at church that day were these two families…even though it was on the coldest day that we have seen here in Artigas. I love the mission. I’ve been doing a lot of jump rope these past two changes and I really feel like I’m in a lot better shape now.

Right now, we are working with three different families. I’m really hoping that one of these progresses. They are all reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. This week we are going to do a tour of the church with all three of these families. It should be great. People always feel the spirit when they take a tour of the church. We show them the different rooms and the baptismal font and the sacrament room and the different things that we do there. We also explain the sacrament and why we take it every week.

That’s awesome what Lauren is doing to help her friend. I’m very proud of her. I’m glad that she is enjoying high school.

Elder Evans was showing me some of the pictures that he had from the MTC in Buenos Aires. In one of the pictures I saw Courtney Weeks (volley ball player from DHHS) its one of the friends of Berkley Bundy. I guess she is serving in Paraguay. I had no idea. I guess I’m really out of touch with a lot of my friends.

Well thanks family, I love you all.
Elder Webster

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