Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31,2012

Hey dad hows everything going? I hope work will improve. It’s awesome to hear that Wil Bangether is finally leaving. He had to wait a long time to finally leave, and its crazy that Adam Bangether is already back. It feels like he just left.
Well 1 change is now officially done now. My trainer moved back up to district leader this change. So now he has to take care of me and the district now.  Things are good though last night I had a good feeling after I said my personal prayers all in really good Spanish. Usually I struggle in spanglish forgetting words are using bad grammar. But it felt good just to see how far I’ve come. My trainer really wants to get a baptism this change with me. We have some really good prospects; we just have to follow it through. Well thanks dad. I hope everything is going well with the family. Pray for you guys a lot.
 My health is pretty good. I work out or just stretch in the mornings. I take my vitamins and drink plenty of water.
Hey Mom, I’m doing great. This week I wasn’t as tired, I chewed gum when I started falling asleep and that helped. I take the pills that I have everyday, the multivitamin and the vitamin C. Work was really good this week. I think this has been the hardest we’ve worked since I’ve been here. We continue to try to reach our goals that we set for each week. We got close this week. We will just have to redouble our efforts this week. I haven’t been to a zone conference yet. I think sometime this next month. We just have district meeting every Tuesday. We only have 4 elders in our district. But it’s all right. It is because we are in a small town away from the big city where the rest of the elders in our zone are. It’s a new change now and my trainer moved back up to district leader. SO that’ll be fun.
The best part of the week was Sunday. We’ve been praying for a little girl to come and she finally came. It was really great. We also had a pretty emotional sacrament meeting. We sang till we meet again, and it always makes people cry. We sang it because an old couple is moving away to live in a retirement home. Kind of sad. I get my uruguest emails on Tuesdays during district meeting. I think if you mail it by Sunday it should get to me by that Tuesday.

Ok love you mom. Keep doing reading and praying as a family. Its the consistency that counts. I just read a great talk about that by Elder Bedner 2009 G.C
Hey Scuba Steve. I hope everything is going great. I’m really glad the Pats are in the super bowl. Hopefully they just roll over the giants. I was way ticked when they lost in the super bowl a couple years to them. So hopefully they get some sweet revenge. Working out really does make you feel so much better. I need it to help me deal with stress of the mission etc etc. But just doing little things each day really make a difference. I was in a member house yesterday doing a family home evening with them when a super bowl commercial came on. It made me a little bummed because this will be the first time I won’t watch the super bowl with you guys. Oh well though. The work is good and I try to work hard and enjoy everyday.
Thanks for everything Steve. Pray for you a lot.
Elder Web*

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