Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 2, 2011

     Hey Family How are things. things are really fun here. Its been crazy with Christmas and New Years Eve. Its just a really big party for them. They stay up all night partying and then they sleep all day. So Proselyting has been hard recently. We have 3 really good investigators right now. and they've all accepted to be baptized. Now we`re just trying to get them ready for baptism. Getting them to church is really biggest problem, people here are just super laid back. 
     Christmas night and New Years Eve was way fun we climbed up on our roof to watch the fireworks. Its fun to see the whole city shoot off what would be illegal fireworks in the USA.
     Thank you for your prayers. thank you for telling me that experience mom, that brings so much comfort to me. I've been trying really hard to come closer to Brennan and the Savior. I just want to learn more about them. I`ve been thinking a lot what Brennans mission is. I don`t need to know but I just wonder a lot about it.
      Thats pretty cool about BYU, thats what I like about Riley Nelson. is he isn`t the best but he is a gamer when the game is on the line. no I haven`t received the package from Kristen, hopefully tomorrow I`ll get it.I got grandmas christmas package though. Yes I can print emails its not a problem. I`m going to write some more today in my letters. Thanks for everything. Keep me posted on politics sports regular life and more signs of the world coming to the end that kinda stuff haha. Love you.

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