Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

Hey Mom!
How is everything going on at home. Life in the mission is hard work. I am not used to working so hard everyday. Suffering from being tired is my biggest challenge. The other day we were in a lesson
with a member and I started falling asleep while we were singing. My companion said I would sing a line then stop singing then wake up and sing a line then fall asleep.

I’m doing all right with the walking. The worst days are Sunday because I work out my legs on Saturday so when Sunday comes around walking is brutal. I’m trying to stay in shape because our zone leader in
just about 3 months has gained a lot of weight. His parents cried because he was just so much bigger... so I am trying to stay in shape.  I received Kristen’s package. It was great! I love the smiths. I wish
them the best and pray for them often.

I budget my money from week to week and try to save a little for emergencies and for fun stuff, like buying a gift or a jersey or for making a really nice meal. I am doing well with money right now.

 I’m sorry about letters. I heard it takes about 2 to 3 weeks maybe even more time for mail to reach the USA from here. So I might just start writing them before hand and type them in my computer time.
We’ll see.

 I hope Sweeden or Roberts get the head-coaching job they’re more about the kids and the life lessons you learn from football. I just know I learned a lot from Coach
Sweeden, and Coach Sharp freshman year that carried on.

 One thing that I would really like to do when I get home is go back East as a family, and go on our own little heritage tours. Recently I’ve just truly gained a testimony about Joseph Smith and I want to
go to the places where he was. I feel like I’ve grown so much already since I’ve been here. I’ve gained such a strong testimony about things that I thought I already a testimony about. I just feel fire inside when I hear the song Joseph Smith’s first prayer and whenever I recite the first vision.

I love you all. Remember O.L.A orar(pray) leer(read BOM) asistir(attend church) if you guys do these things I know you’ll be alright. I’ll still write a letter. I just hope they get to you before I come home haha.

Hey Lauren! I’m really excited about your birthday. You’ll be 14 years old. Holy Cow! I remember holding you when you were just a baby. Now you’re almost as tall as I am.  Its crazy to think how old we are getting. Well I love you Lauren I hope you have a great week and a really amazing birthday. Remember who you are and what you stand for. Be nice to everyone especially mom.
Love Elder Webster

Lauren the fastest way to send me mail is through my urugoest@gmail.com email. I get it through the mail the next Tuesday from when you send it. If you guys want to do this you can write a lot more and I wont have to print off my emails and it gets here faster.

Hey Steve. I really want to go back east when I get back home. I really want to experience what you experienced when you went on heritage tours. I’ve really come to grasp about the restoration now, and I just want stand where Joseph Smith also stood. Thanks for your testimony.  I hope things are good. I pray for you every day. Love tu hermano menor

Hey Dad. I really hope Work and life at home is going well. Life here is getting tougher and tougher. You’d think it would get easier. But some days I just wonder if I’ll be able wake up the next day because
I’m always so tired. I feel like I’m growing so much. I love studying the gospel and gaining new knowledge. I often read yours and moms testimonies when days are tough. They bring so much hope and strength to me. Thank you so much for them. I also like reading about Brennan. I just feel like I want to know him more. I pray and study a lot. I also want to gain a testimony about the Savior, to believe in him even though I can’t see him, and keep growing to the point were when the day does come when I stand at his feet my faith will be the same as if I haven’t seen him.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary, and even If I don’t have much success I will now that I have been truly converted.
Love you dad. Have a great week. Keep working hard. I know you always do.

Love Elder Webster

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