Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Handwritten Letter Dated December 11, 2011

Hey Family,
            One more week has flashed by here in the MTC. The days are starting to mesh together so I think I will need to be more dedicated in my journal writing. I don’t think I can trust my head with such a task anymore. I don’t know if I have told you this before but I am no longer in a trio. It is just Elder Kohl and I now. We get along so well now that is just he and I. We have very similar tastes. We enjoy the same types of movies, music even video games. (Stephen will be happy to hear that he loves watching Arrested Development & Modern Family) Elder Kohl is about the same size as I am.  He is a stocky looking rugby player.  We love playing sports together during physical time and working out together. He also plays the violin, which is an old combo for a rugby player. Right now he is helping me learn to read music. After every meal we’ll go spend 15 minutes on the piano and he’ll teach me. Elder Kohl is really smart, he just has trouble spitting the words out when he tries to speak Spanish, so he really doesn’t speak that much Spanish. But when he does it is perfect grammatically. Elder Kohl has had a few rough goes in life. He is 24 years old but I am so happy he is here. His story for getting out on a mission is really amazing, it’s all about living up to our potential here on this earth. I feel the spirit so strong every time he tells it.  As a side note Elder Kohl has a brother that just arrived here. He is also going to the Montevideo West Mission. Crazy right he is 19.
            This week has been pretty tough for me. I have just had a lot of things go wrong, and it’s really frustrating because I find myself being sad. Then I get mad because as a missionary I need to stay happy and confident. I don’t know where I am going with this but it has just been a rough week with the language teaching and how much I feel I know compared to other missionaries. They seem to know so much more and seem so much brighter than I am.
            We watched the Christmas devotional today and I really liked what President Monson said about the spirit of Christmas. I liked listening to the stories he likes to read at Christmas time, The Christmas Carol and The Mansion. These two stories really helped me recall what this time of year is really about. It reminded me a lot of home and about our family traditions. I miss you guys. This is the time of year when we spend a lot of time together. But I know I am supposed to be here. Stephen watch the Muppet Christmas Carol for me. Oh and thanks so much for the music, everyone here loves it.
            Things are tough here and I can only imagine it getting tougher once I get out in to the actual field. But I know that I am growing everyday and that things are hard for a reason. Its for my own good (D&C 122:7-9) I hope everything is going well with you guys, Thanks for all of your support and for paying tithing, we just had a lesson on fire insurance. Love you all. I hope Brennan’s birthday is great. I feel him with me in times of need.
             One final thought – When they say “Endure to the end” I think they really mean keep progressing to the end. Yes, we are saved by grace and yes we will be judged for our works. But I think another factor will be who we have become when we meet the Father and the Son at the last day.

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