Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012
Uruguay Montevideo West Mission
Hey Family how is it all going? I’m doing great here in Uruguay. This week was a little rough. The teaching pool has pretty much fizzled out. We went and did a lot of contacting into some areas we’ve never gone to before. We didn’t have much success. We went to a small group of houses that are pretty far away from the church. We did some contacting and found a nice family. They were really interested in the church and loved everything that we taught. The only problem with them is that the church is so far away and they don’t have a car. They told us that next week they will try to come with their horse and carriage buggy. It’s about 3 miles from church. We’ll see if they can make it. That will be a first to see a family show up to church like that. That seems to be the big problem with this area. There are people interested; they just can’t make the trip to the chapel. We might just have to keep working close to the church. Maybe there are some we missed. Pray to help us find someone to teach that is prepared to receive the gospel…that can come to church.

The Spanish still is a working process. I can always get better. It’s the accent that kills people

We had interviews last week. It’s always great talking to president Heaton. Also, I get to talk to his wife, Hermana Heaton. She said Obama is winning by a bit in the overall pool she said the country really must be a wicked country if they want him over Romney. I laughed. This really seems like a battle between good and evil.

I played basketball today with some of the elders of the zone. Latinos are not very good. But I bet that’s what they think when we play soccer with them

That’s crazy they pulled Riley Nelson and started a freshman. BYU football, you never know what to expect.

I hope you guys are doing well. Let me know how the debate goes with Mitt Romney. I’m sure it will be interesting. Also, please let me know how what you guys are up to. What you are learning? I’m sending off a letter tomorrow. Hopefully, it will get there soon.
I love you guys. I hope all is going well. I pray for you guys and your success.

Love Elder chase Webster

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