Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

Hey Family, How’s it going? Things are good here. I was very happy to read your emails today. It sounded like you guys had a great experience this past Sunday. I’m glad you guys had the experience to go to the open house. That’s one thing that I can’t do here. Go to the temple.
We have eaten a lot with members this week which is not very usual. They cook pretty well. But it’s all noodles with some type of sauce. It’s all good but sometimes I wish I had something else to eat. Not a lot of choices on the menu as you can see.

With Laundry, we actually have a washing machine. It’s the only one in the mission. That’s pretty nice to have.
Lucia is having troubles with her family. Her Grandma does not want to her be baptized. We are just facing obstacles like that. We are working things out. I hope everything will work out. Please continue to pray for her.

This week went ok. I had another allergic reaction yesterday. I’m not sure if it is the food or with it being spring here. I’m not sure.

My Spanish is ok, but I want it to be a lot better. Please pray for me in that area. I know I can be a better missionary if I have this down.

Saturday we planted a garden in front of our house. I’ll have to send a picture next week. Grandma and Grandpa Rasmussen would be so proud.

Answers: 1. Transfers are the week after Conference...October 8th or around there.
2. For Christmas I would like a black scripture case. The kind you find at Deseret Book. I remember we found some that were way too big. I want one of those. Spanish scriptures are that size. Also, I would like a red tie. I don’t have one. A red tie as if I was running for president. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else…just snickers bars.
3. Music. There is a motab cd that I would like. Choose something like a star. Other than that I’m not sure what I would like. Maybe Steve can think of something on a cd is best.

I’m sorry I don’t have much time today, but I love hearing about what you guys are doing with volleyball, work, politics, temple dedications and all of that. I hope Steve gets an opportunity with the Houston Astros. That would be Awesome.

Family, I love you. Thanks for everything. I pray for you guys everyday and I hope all is going well.

Love Elder Webster

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