Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 16, 2012


I want to say to you Feliz Cumpleaños…Happy Birthday. I’m sorry, but your birthday present did not arrive on time. I sent it 6 weeks ago and I don’t know why it hasn’t arrived there yet. Hopefully, it gets there soon and that nothing has happened to it. I love you tons man. Hope everything is going great and that Seattle is treating you well and the weather isn’t getting you too down. Say hi to the Smiths the next time you see them.
Love you Man, your little bro Elder Webster

Hey Family,

How are things? This week was better in that I didn’t have any problems with my skin, so I think you’re right that it is just a allergic reaction. I’m glad about that. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen again because it was awful trying to get through those nights.

I hope to get my package in the morning. I don’t know why it takes so long for us. I’m also hoping for you guys to get my package. I sent it 6 weeks ago. I’m mad it didn’t get there because I paid extra and I wanted it to get there in time for Stephen’s birthday. Very upset with the whole mailing system right now. No the gmail thing hasn’t worked once so far. I don’t know what else to say, but to make sure Elder Webster is the title of the email. With regular mailing the last thing I’ve gotten from you guys is the package you sent for Valentines Day. The only thing I’ve received is 2 letters from grandma Poulton since then. I don’t know that’s what I’ve received since Feb. 14.

For my birthday, I’m not sure what I want that could fit in a package. More church music for sure. I’m sending my iPod in the package I sent. If you could send that back for my birthday…that’d be great. Maybe a hat to wear for p-days…or a shirt…and more photos if you haven’t already sent some in this package.

How are you guys doing? I`m very happy that you have made a habit of reading and praying together everyday. It really brings joy to a missionary trying to teach people to do the same. Thank you for that. That’s funny to hear about the Chris Stewart event. Making beans and all. It must be a fun experience working with a politician. Especially someone like Chris.

Lauren must be turning into a teenager. I remember when I first started taking my after school nap. Oh how I miss those days. I don’t know how much more Lauren can grow. she’s already super tall. Well I hope she’s doing well with the stresses of school life and all.

Well, I finished my letter today and I’m ready to mail tomorrow. I’m really sorry it has taken so long. My letter explains.

I really like that story by James E. Faust, about the lamb. I also really like the quote from Mark Twain. I wish I had a book of quotes. Maybe you could send something like that for my birthday… good inspirational quotes.

My comp has only 7 more weeks in the mission. He’s excited to go home but at the same time he doesn’t want to go. I guess El Salvador is having an economic melt down. They said it’s because of the gang wars. He says it’s really bad. The more time I spend out here the more thankful I am to live in America, in St. George where we don’t have problems like that.

Sorry this wasn’t a very good email. I didn’t have much happening this week. A lot of knocking doors and a lot of lessons falling through. Tough city area but things will get better.

Well, thanks for everything Family. I hope everything is going well in St. George.

I love you all very much,

Elder Webster

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