Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

Hey Mom, how’s it going? This week was really great with Conference. I really learned a lot. Even though I had to watch it in Spanish it just isn’t the same. Hearing apostle’s voices changed to weird sounding Latino voices. It just isn’t the same. Luckily we had subtitles. All of the Americans were in a small room watching on a tv. It was great. I wrote down a lot of stuff but I can’t wait to read them in the next months Liahona. We missed President Packer’s talk though. It was all in Spanish. No subs. but I really want to go back to it because I know he talked about little children alive in Christ. Some things that I loved about this conference was that it helped answer so many of my questions. I wrote them all down before conference and by the end of conference I checked them all off. It truly was amazing. I, however, did not get to watch the priesthood session...sad right.

I also liked President Scott’s talk about how we can receive revelation. Even through dreams, I thought about the dream you had about me having that experience with Brennan. It just made me think and ponder. He also said we need to write things down. I need to get better at that.
I liked what Elder Wilson said about raising children; he had the daughter’s soccer game on Sunday story. I like this because for some reason I have this distinct memory of you and Stephen talking about raising a family and finding a balance between not being over baring with your children and then having them open into open rebellion later on and not doing anything and letting them walk over you. I don’t know this talk seemed to answer how to have that balance and helping your kids make the choices while in their youth.

Also, I really enjoyed how many of the brethren talked about parables, which I am very grateful for because I’ve been reading the new testament and I’ve now read the parable that President Holland talked about 3 times now and I kept feeling confused after reading it. I was very grateful he talked about that. I feel like they talked a lot about pride and loving others in this conference. A line hit me when they said its easy to love the people who love you, even sinners do this. But I command you to love your enemies. Also, this quote: what does Christ think of me?
I’m defiantly going to have to write a letter about this. There is too much. I’ll work on that.
We had a part member family come to conference and it was great to see them bring their kids who are not members. We’ve been working hard with them and we’ve made real progress. We are the first missionaries to make progress with the kids.

I hope you guys are doing great. I pray for you all every night. Les Amo Machismo. Tenga bein semana. orar y leer como una familia cada día. por favor.
Sus Hijo y Hermano ,Elder Webster
Hey Lauren How are you doing? I hope all goes well with try outs at Cheer. Have confidence in yourself I know things will work out.

My new companion is alright, we get along really well. He just sometimes doesn’t want to go out and work. I’m definitely learning a lot of Spanish with him. Sometimes I have to play charades with him so he can understand me but its all good.

Yes, of course I can help you with boy problems but Mom has the best advice. I wish I would’ve talked to her more about things because she could’ve helped me in a lot of situations. Yes you can ask me anything Lauren.

I hope you had a great time watching conference. I learned a lot even though I had to watch in Spanish with English subs.

Alright lauren Te Amo Muchisimo. buenes suerte con su cheerleading este semana.
Love you favorite sister

Man how lucky are you that you got to listen to the Hunger Games on tape. I had to read them all. I really liked the first two. The last one was kind of iffy…but still alright. I am not looking forward to the movie though. They are going to once again butcher a book or tv series I like.

I`m excited for you with your baseball season. Baseball season just seams so much more chill than other sports. It’s nice going to baseball games also.

Conference was super great. Even though I had to watch all of it in Spanish. All of the American elders were in a little room in the church reading the subtitles. It’s just not the same hearing President Holland talking and hearing a little pipsquek voice in Spanish.¨ Difficult to watch´´ Lee Corso but it was awesome learned a lot. Hope you did too.
Well, Steve I pray for you every day and I hope you are doing great. que passè bien
Te Amo Elder Webster

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