Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

Hey family. My week was really good, but at the same time a little difficult. For the good part, we had a baptism this last weekend. I think its pretty amazing it came the same weekend as someone in our family, Kaleb. We baptized a 28 year old lady named Irina. She’s great. Amazing faith. She is a little different, it was an amazing baptism, and Irina asked my comp if he would baptize her. There was a great turn out from the ward, all giving great support to her. She is especially close to the bishop’s wife who is also 28. (we have a young bishop, but he is great) It really was a great baptism; this moment really was the highlight of my mission so far! I’m very grateful that I was able to help her. She said one of the great reasons why she wanted to be baptized was to receive the Holy Ghost. She said she really liked what I said in on of our lessons that the Holy Ghost is the comforter, that he helps us when we feel sad or lonely and with him we are never really alone. I apparently said the right thing that she needed at this point in here life. I guess she is a little lonely in this point of her life. She’s living alone and just going to school, not many friends, and other issues. But she said she was very grateful for what I said.

Things are a little slow here in Mercedes now that we baptized Irina. We don’t really have any solid investigators yet. We do a lot of knocking doors...but what’s even more difficult is my companion sometimes doesn’t want to work. I think he’s getting super trunky.

We have about 10 people in our district…it’s a real district now. I like the city I think a little better than the country. I don’t get dirty for one, its easier knocking on doors when they’re only about 10 feet from each other rather than 100 feet or more...

I’m excited about Conference. Conference for missionaries is like another holiday. I like what you said about listening to phrases like that. From reading a little from Liahonas almost everyday, I get really excited when Apostles say “I have been pondering over this for some time”... I love hearing that phrase for some reason. I don’t know why. It just makes me feel like they really receive revelation from questions they have...and I can receive answers to my questions also.

Thank you so much family. Steve, I hope you are feeling better. Lauren, you better be nice to mom. Mom and Dad I hope work is going good, also I hope family prayer and family scripture is still a priority. I can’t say it enough how important it is to me.

Love you family. I Pray for you guys every day and night.

Love Elder Webster

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