Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012

Hey Family This week has been pretty crazy with transfers. So I got on a bus in at 3 in the morning and arrived in Mercedes at about 11:30 am. Of course there wasn’t anyone there to pick me up. So I had to wait around the terminal for about an hour when I finally saw the missionaries. They thought I was coming in at 12 30 pm

I really like my new area, its all city, which is a huge difference between my last area.
There are also a lot of members in the ward, and they are all super awesome. We had a stake activity this last Saturday and it was really fun. They had an hour of spiritual stuff with the stake president and the bishops talk then after that they did a play of Johnny Lingo. They did good job with it. They just had funny people as the characters, people like Kevin Wilson or Don Mayfield in our ward, and then after that we had cake. They made a huge cake the night before and it tasted great.

So there are good and bad things with this area:

Good, a member family feeds us every day, and they usually bake cakes
Good, we have lots of members in our ward.
Good, we have a supermarket right next door to our apartment.

Bad, We don’t have any good investigators, we had one but something bad happened with her I`ll explain later.
Bad, people aren’t as nice as the good old country folk in Young,  I`m now trying to get used to people just slamming the door when they see me.
Bad, I have to do my own Laundry from a second floor apartment building.

Good and Bad

A Latino companion. My companion is from El Salvador; he only has about 2 months left in the mission. He doesn’t speak any English, and the only English he knows are quotes from movies. Which aren’t always mission appropriate.  But I’m working with him. Being with him has helped my Spanish a ton. But I still need to improve. I still have moments where I have no idea what these Uruguayans are saying.

He says he’s a model, he showed me a magazine from people but I’m still not sure about it. He takes forever to get ready in the morning like a model would that’s for sure.

Right now I’ve started reading the New Testament.  I can’t believe I’ve never read it before. I have really been trying to study the Saviors life and his mission as the Savior. I am also enjoying learning more about the early apostles. I remember uncle Mike asking us what were the names of the original 12 apostles and we didn’t know them all. So now I have them memorized so I am going to be ready for him when I get back.  I can relate to some of the apostles, just some of things they say and do, and their journey following the Savior.  I’m enjoying reading The New Testament.

Thank you for sending the President Holland talk. I’ve been searching everywhere.
Hope Stephen feels better, I’ll be praying for him.  Tell Lauren Hi Hope she’s doing great with school and friends.

Love Elder Webster

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