Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey family, I`m very happy and very relieved that you finally got my package. I was thinking the worse. I`m glad you enjoyed the tape that I made, You`ll have to thank grandma for sending that. also I hope you enjoyed the other gifts. I`m glad coach Sweeten noticed that. thats super funny what happened with Lauren. I`m just super relieved it got there. Now I`m just wondering if the package you guys sent will ever get here. I`m praying I`ll get it tomorrow in district meeting.

Good news about the Gold Mercedes, that car is apart of me with all the memories I have with it, through highschool and all.

We`ve been working really hard with this part member family. the Parents are members. they were baptized a long time ago and they`ve been less active ever since their baptism. but we are working with some of their kids. they have like 7 but we are working with the youngest two. its hard because they live in smaller house and the house is always so crazy. so its hard to teach lessons like that. its hard but we`re working on it.

if there was something you could pray about for me is to help us find someone who is ready to receive the gospel. also courage for me. I just need extra strength in courage. just going through a tough rut right now. Sorry this email wasn`t very great. I`ll try to finish my letter in time for tomorrow.

I guess I`d better leave with something spiritual that I learned this week that I really liked. I was reading in 2nd Nephi and Nephi is talking about all the things he`s gone through, and all the accomplishments. While I was reading this I was wondering how can this apply to me, sometimes I just feel like the all of the prophets are just perfect so its easy for them to accomplish these great miracles. but then I read the next few verces and Nephi admits to his imperfections, he calls himself a Wretched man. and how his soul pains because of the sins that so easily beset him. I just liked this because even though these Men are great they are just like us. and they have challenges like us. we all have sins that easily beset us. but if we focus our life on the savior, He will help us overcome these things. If he is our foundation, our rock in this life. we can change and overcome challenges. That`s something I read that I really liked.

Love you all hope things are going good in St. George.

Love Elder Webster

Steve I hope things will get better for you. try to be happy, find a hobby. right now I`m doing a thing that Heber J. Grant suggested us, to do to over come weakness and turn them into strengths. Every morning right down one thing you want to improve. pray about it then strive through that day to get better. end of the day report to the heavenly father. Right now I`m trying to get better with cooking...ugh. I`m getting better. breakfest things i`m alright with but I made brownies the other day and they were horrible, I felt bad for the family I made them for, they all said they loved them, but....yeah. haha

Hey Dad. I`m writing from Cold Uruguay. I don`t know what happened but now its winter all of sudden here. it was 56 degrees in our house yesterday. hopefully I can survive this winter. I^m already sick of the cold. but hey good to hear about those other elders Wilstead and Bangeter. its crazy how hearing about other people in their missions, especially when they`re so close to me in Saul Paul Brasil.

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