Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hey Family, things are going good in Mercedes. I finally got your package. It was so great! It really made my day. Thank you for the music its really great. Thank you for the food and the Brennan stories, I really appreciated that. Well, we’ve had a pretty busy week with the family Perela. This is the part member family that we’ve been working on since I’ve been here in
Mercedes. We found out that when the parents were baptized over 20 years ago but were never confirmed. They aren`t actually members. This was a little tough trying to tell them this and that
they have to be baptized again. They took it well I think. Now we have a baptismal date with the mom and two of the kids, Elias 11 years old and Luciana, 13. I think we’ve had real success with this family. I guess before us they wouldn’t even let the missionaries into their house. Now, I feel pretty welcome. Yesterday they invited us to Lunch, and we had this weird soup. I don’t really know what was in it, but it tasted good. I baked brownies and bought a Coke for them.
They really like me because I bring brownies and chocolate lumps to them. I haven’t been able to talk very well with them, but I`m getting a lot better and now I feel very comfortable with them. That’s what’s been going on with this family. I really hope we can get them baptized; we’ve put a lot of work in with them.

Hey, I want to Skype Sunday afternoon at around 6:00 my time. I think that’s about 3:00 for you guys. I’m using a member’s computer again. I’ll send you the contact information at around that time. Hopefully it works. If it doesn’t then I’ll send an email setting up a time where I can just call you. The president wants us to Skype if we can because it’s free. Let me know if this works for you guys.

In my package if you could send more of those pasta mixes that’d be great. Also, if you could put the same music you put on that CD you gave me and some others that’d be good. You could send me a long sleeve sweater vest and a nice polo shirt or golf polo shirt too. Pictures would be really good of the family and all. That’s about all I can think of.

Well, I’m working on a letter for you guys. It’ll be describing more about what I’m doing and just overall better.

It sounds like things are going good in St. George. Steve sent me an email saying he’s been reading the book of Mormon in German. I’m happy about that. I also fasted for Stephen this weekend, hopefully things work out for him.

My comp goes home the first week of June. He’s been having a tough time because his family didn’t want to talk to him when he tried calling or that’s what he said what happened. He was pretty disappointed about that, and has lost a lot of amino to work. It was a tough week with that.
Hopefully I can help him.

Love you guys and thank you for everything. You’re in my prayers. I’m trying to be a good missionary and trying to help the people I’m with the best I can. I’ll send a letter.

Love Elder Webster

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