Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 5, 2012

Hey Family, how is it going? My P-day is going pretty good today. All of the Elders went to the Zoo today, even with the rain. It really wasn’t much of a zoo though, more like a petting zoo, with lots of goats horses and pigs. They did have some cool deer that I’ve never seen before, but other than that it was kind of boring. But we walked in the rain through the country side and we saw some really beautiful sights. I love it when it rains here. That was worth making the trip by itself.

We did have zone conference this past week, which was really great. I greatly enjoyed everything that was prepared. President Heaton talked about learning your purpose as a missionary, doing missionary activities with the intent of trying to help people, and not just doing things for numbers. Sister Heaton talked about using the atonement of Christ and letting it help us in our lives. She shared a lot of things from Elder Bednar’s talk from the Liahona of April. The one thing she talked about that I really liked was that we are all like little pop corn kernels and if we let the Atonement of Christ work within us, and not harden our hearts, we will grow into beautiful white pop corn. But if we harden our hearts, we’ll not progress and stay seeds. Sometimes we do things half way and we just sort of pop.

For Lunch we had pizza and had caramel pop corn. Also, we all got little bag of pop corn seeds. A lot of people left those at the table. But I didn’t. so after lunch hermana Heaton talked again, and she was sad that people left their bags of pop corn on the table. She said she felt like Christ when He has given us so many talents and blessings and yet we ignore those things and leave them on the table where they will stay kernels forever. We can’t leave those things on the table.

Thank you for working so hard with the package, and sending it off so fast. My companion appreciates it. Hopefully, it’ll get here on time before he leaves. What does the package look like that has his stuff in it? He might have to go look for it when he goes to the mission home, if it doesn’t come next week. The office elders can just give it to him there.

I can’t believe school is already over. I was going to make graduation cards for a couple of those guys graduating. Dang, maybe you guys could just make one for me. I know I wanted to send one to Ler and Simister and Berkley Bundy. I’m sorry √Ć keep giving you guys projects, I really am.

We found a youth kid that we’re working with. He’s really cool, he comes and plays soccer with us on Wednesday and we’ve taught him a couple lessons already. I like him, we’ll see were it goes though. He doesn’t have any religious history…which can be good.

Mom, you’ll have to tell me the name of the Elder that you blog stalk.

I’m sending off a letter tomorrow and I’ll start another one tonight for you guys. Thanks so Much for your love and support guys.

Love Elder Webster

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