Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey Mom things are going alright here in mercedes, Pday was fun played soccer and helped my companion pack. He was pretty stressed out about the whole thing. don´t know why. 

Answers...Tomorrow will be transfers. My new companion will be Elder Barker. gringo. don´t know much about him but everyone says his pretty cool. He likes to play basketball and plays the piano really well. thats all I¨ve found out about him. haha.but I´m a little worried with showing him around mercedes, I just hope I don´t get us lost haha. but it´ll be a good change, it´ll be fun I hope. I¨m still working on my spanish, I need to refocus on this because its till a problem. with people not understanding me or me not understanding them. I´ll work harder with this.

Elder Bolaños goes home tomorrow. he´s excited but also a little scared about whats going to happen, he´s still not sure if he´s family is going to pick him up from the airport. 
Also the package didn´t get here ontime for him. we called the offices tonight and they said they didn´t have it so I don´t know. they said they could send the package to him in El Salvador. so we´ll see.

Thank you for sending those things, It means a lot that I have support like this at home after being with Elder Bolaños. so I¨m very greatful for you guys

Thanks for your spiritual thought. I´ve thought about that scripture a lot too. its played in the movie finding faith in Christ. and its one of my favorite parts. Thank you for that. 

These Weeks have gone by pretty fast, I wish I tell you guys of all of the progress that I´m having, but its just in a rut here. I want to find someone that we can really make a difference with. Hopefully with my new companion we can make a bigger difference here.

Fun about youth conference, I Need to go do all of those things when I get back. Never done them before. 

Hey I hope you guys are doing good please continue to pray and read as a family. I pray for you guys. and for your success, continue to let me know whats going on in with the family. 
Hope things are going well with work and all with you two. 

Love you guys, Elder Webster

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