Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hey mom, great talking to you guys yesterday. Now I have to wait till Christmas to talk to you again. That seems so far away. Oh well. Overall, it was a great talk. Sorry I didn’t get the video up and running until the end. My companion really appreciated talking with you guys too. I know he’s feeling really discouraged right now about his whole family situation. He doesn’t like talking about it, and I can tell. Hopefully I can help him out.

My pancakes went all right today. They turned out really thin. Which I didn’t like because they were a little too thin and I burned a few. Oh well. I’ll get better with practice. Thank you for the recipe, that’ll help me out a lot. I just kind of guessed when I made it.

We played futbol today for p-day. I tried running around a lot more than usual, trying to get more cardio in during the week. I can’t jump rope because we live above people and I know they wouldn’t appreciate their roof shaking like that at 6:30 in the morning. I think the Latinos were getting a little frustrated at me playing with a lot more energy; I was all over the place disrupting their forward offense. hahaha. Good day.

I do always like to hear when you have special moments of like that mom, when you have spiritual promptings. It makes me think harder what I need to be doing in this life and as a missionary. I wish I could only help you out more. I’m excited for this Thursday because we have zone conference and we’ll get the Liahona from general conference. I’m very excited. I really want to go back and read some of those talks, especially Elder Scott’s. Thanks mom for sharing your experiences with me...yhey mean a lot.

Dad said that it was elder Worthlin that called you, after Brenan passed away. I always loved Elder Worthlin, I felt he’s the apostle that I can relate most with. Because of his sports back ground, and other experiences. I went and read his fall conference talk of 2008 and I felt it had great council for me. I’ve been having trouble with my football memories, just the whole experience and some individual games, It just feels disappointing. I’ve been wondering a lot about how I can learn from these things and try to move on. I realize I’ve never really talked about it, I wish I would’ve because keeping it bottled up makes things worse. I just wish to know why I went through these things and what Heavenly Father wants me to learn from them. His talk about “come what may” and “love” it brought much comfort. I also related it to Brennan in many ways for our family, especially about everything being re-compensated. I liked that thought but after reading that talk the following talk was by Elder Holland, about angels ministering to us. I felt like I needed to read these two talks, and I’d like you guys to read these talks too.

So, now there are two stories that I’d like you guys to write. The story about the phone call from the quorum of the 12 in more detail, and another story I remember about a girl that went to school with Brennan and had an experience much later in life when she saw Brennan again. I can’t remember the experience; I think she got lost...but if you could work on these two. I’d be very grateful.

Thank you for the story with Brennan and swimming, I really enjoyed it and felt it very applicable.

Thank you for writing family, I love you so much. I’m working on that letter giving greater detail of what I’m doing.

Love you all. I always look forward to your emails and letters.

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