Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hey Family how’s it going? It was so good to see you guys yesterday. I can’t believe that was my last call home. Time just flies by so fast. It was great to see the house. I can’t believe how nice it is and how big it is. Lauren is so big now I’m glad that you guys are doing well. I’m happy with the work that we are putting in here in Artigas. I have never felt more self-satisfied with my own work. We’ve been working really hard. I have been fighting with a cold, but I refuse to let it beat me. I love the talk by Elder Bednar. I listen to general conference talks as I get ready and I listen to his talk about not shrinking often. I’m trying not to shrink in these last few months of my mission.

I went to Brazil today with my district and we ate at this Brazilian restaurant. Some of the other Elders from Utah said it’s really similar to the one in Salt Lake where they just keep bringing meats out until you say no. I also talked to one of the waitresses that could speak in Portuguese and Spanish and we came to find out that she lives in our area; she told us that she almost got baptized a while back but then something happened. We asked if we could pass by again and she said yes. Pretty Funny that we found an investigator that lives in our area…in a different Country. All of the other people we talked to talked to us In Portuguese. Pretty interesting. We also met with some other missionaries from Brazil. It was hard understanding their Portuguese. Some words are easy to understand, but some other words are just way off the map. They said that the church was pretty small on their side, with only a few branches. We told them that that’s pretty weird because we have a stake on our side of the border with 6 wards.
It’s an open boarder, so we just walked across a bridge and there we were in Brazil. I’ve now been in 4 different countries in my life: United States, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

We’ve been working with this little girl named Sofia. Her grandma is a member but her mom no. I think the only reason her mom isn’t a member is because she works on Sundays.
She came to church yesterday even though it was raining. She lives in front of the Church and she came by herself. I was very proud of her. Please pray for her that she can be ready for her baptism the 25th of March

Hey, I love you guys. Thanks so much!
Elder Webster

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