Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Hey Family, so it was a good and a bad week for us.

Good. We had a Baptism this week. Sofia got baptized. It was really easy teaching her the lessons before her baptism. She’s really smart and can remember things really well. Her problem is that she is diabetic. She has these mood swings almost everyday. She’s an Angel when she’s feeling good, but seeing her on a bad day just scares me. Her Mom and her grandma came to the baptism. Her Mom isn’t a member yet because she is not married to her husband. We are working on her. She said she felt really good seeing her daughter get baptized. I’m really happy for her and her family.

I’ll have to send the picture of the baptism next week. Today we moved into a new house and I don’t know where I packed my cord to my camera.

We moved into our new house this morning and we had to do a lot of cleaning this week to help get our old house ready. This morning was the worst; we cleaned for about 3 hours before the moving truck came.

The new house is really nice. It’s one block away from our church and our area. Our old house we were about 8 blocks away from the church and our area. We also live really close to awesome members. It’s great that we can be so close to the members now.

Bad. I was sick all of this week also. It has to be with the change of temperature. It was really hard on me trying to motivate myself to work hard. Please pray for me and my companion that we can feel better so that we can work.

We didn’t have anybody come to church this week which was a bummer. This was the first time in a long time where we didn’t have anybody come. It was a bit disappointing because we found some awesome new people and we were sure that they would come. I’m not sure what happened. We had a leaders meeting last night and our zone leaders were very surprised that we didn’t have anybody in church. They just told me not to get discouraged because sometimes God sends us a trial like this to see how we will respond. It’s easy to work when things are fine and life is good. The test comes when there is pressure.

They told me that they had great respect for me as a missionary and that I was someone reliable and 100% obedient. They also said no one could say anything bad about me as a leader because I was doing everything the way it should be. They knew that I was doing everything possible for my area. I think I really needed to hear this for myself. Sometimes I’m too hard on myself. I don’t know what God is trying to teach me right now, but I just know I’m going to keep on working.

I love you guys so much. Thanks for everything. Please pray for me that I can find these people that are ready to receive this gospel.
Love you guys.

Elder Webster

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