Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012
Hey Family, how you guys doing? I`m doing great here In Uruguay. This week went very well. Our investigator, Pablo, went to church again this last Sunday and now he has a baptism date for the next Sunday, Aug. 26th. So we are going to be working extra hard this week to help him stay focused and keep him animated for his baptism. This baptism would mean the world to us both since we have both been struggling lately.

I still haven’t received those two packages. Sorry or the emails from the rest of the family. Maybe you could just attach them to your email. Maybe that’ll be better.

I`m very excited that Lauren made the volleyball team. Hopefully, it’ll all work out with Cheer. That’s awesome she has coach Sweeten as her Spanish teacher. She’ll have to say hi to him for me. My companion says if she is studying Spanish he would like to write a letter to her. (haha). I hope she is doing well and she is having fun with school and sports. she’s officially in high school now. WOW. She’s also 5'9”. Wow.

I’m sad Steve didn’t get the audition in Florida. I just now there are other doors for him in this life and that things will work out for him. More opportunities are out there for him. I’m sure of it. We were at our Land Lords house the other day and he was watching baseball. It was the Mariners game. The one Stephen was at. Pretty funny that the first baseball game I see in the mission is one that Steve is at. Funny how our family can be connected…even though I’m on the other side of the world.

Mom and Dad, I hope you guys are doing well with the Romney Campaign, and with regular work. Dad, I’ll pray for you that things will work out, and that things will get better. Just hang in there.
Thanks for your emails. I always look forward to reading them. Hopefully, I’ll get a letter in the mail soon from you guys.

Too bad about Desert Hills. we will see how this year goes. Just too young and too inexperienced.

Well, I love you guys, and hope everything goes great for everybody. I will pray more earnestly for each of you. 

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