Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012

Aug 6, 2012

Hey Lauren, My favorite little sister; how are you? This is my second attempt at this email, so sorry if it’s a little rough. I can see how you might be a little indecisive about trying out for the varsity jv. My advice for you is to try out anyway. It’ll be a great experience I think. I’ll pray for you that you can have the courage and the confidence to do it. Just go out there and compete. This is what coach Melessa told me my sophomore year when I had to go play varsity. I know they were bigger than me and better but I just went out and competed and did my best. I felt good playing my best against others who are were better. I even got the best of some. It’s fun. Just go have fun.
Love you Lauren. You’ll be my favorite little sister no matter what.

My companion says “hi.”

Hey Mom and family, how are you guys? I`m doing well for the most part. My companion is feeling better health wise which is good. Country life is nice, there is a lot of time to reflect on life and think while we are riding our bikes. This week has really been the toughest, but most rewarding week of my mission. Saturday we had really great lessons with all of our investigators and all were committed on coming to church. We even had members go look for them. I felt so sure Saturday night that we were going to have people at church. When Sunday came it was as if everything went wrong. None of our investigators came. We were expecting 4. My companion and I were beside our selves. How could this have happened? We even fasted Saturday that we could have some in the church. We both left church pretty discouraged. Later that night we were planning with each other and we had a moment of silence. I felt like I should ask my companion for a blessing of comfort. He paused for a very long time. He said he was sorry for how things were going, and he said that it was his fault. He said he was negative about everything that happened and was thankful for me in being positive and trying to encourage him all this time together. He said this week he was going to give me a promise to do all that was possible to have someone in the church that will be baptized. A Promise.

After that he gave me a blessing and I gave him one also. It was probably one of the most spiritual feelings I’ve had in my mission. The things said in the blessings were overwhelming. One thing he said is that all of those blessings promised before the mission would be fulfilled. This is what I needed to hear. This week will be the do or die week for us. I really think that it’ll be a critical point for me in my mission. I ask for your prayers especialmente for this week.

I love you guys.

Answers. Haven’t received a letter or email since I’ve been here in Colonia 18. I don’t really know what’s going on. I thank you for writing anyway.

I hope Dad is excited for this new challenge. He’ll be working missionary hours now. That’ll be good. I pray for him that everything will work out and he’ll have the strength to keep going.

I hope Lauren does well with try outs and that she at least tries with varsity jv.
Let me know how that goes.

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