Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, July 2, 2012

July 1, 2012

Hey Family, I’m doing great Here in Mercedes, it’s been really hot and humid here, I decided I will never leave out east in the states where there is a lot of humidity. I hate the feeling of always being wet with my clothes and everything else in my apartment.

My companion is doing well; He’s not really used to city life yet. He’s been in country areas his entire mission. He says he still feels lost when we go walking around. He’s had problems walking because He has two ingrown toe nails. They look pretty nasty. He’s been salting his feet every night and has been taking antibiotics. That seems to be helping.

Our week went pretty well. We had a lot of lessons. We just don’t have any investigators going to church. We have seen little progression with them. But I still care about them, and I worry about them. I hope we are teaching them the right things that they need. Sometimes my Spanish seems good…sometimes it seems bad. I just know I need to study more.

I weighed myself this morning and I was up to 200 pounds. I know I’m exercising everyday. But my body doesn’t feel like the 200 pounds I had during football season. I think I need to work on eating less at meals and running more.

I hope things have been going well at home with you guys, and that Lauren is keeping you guys busy. I’m sorry, but I feel like I don’t have many cool things to report to you guys. I’ll try harder to remember my experiences here, and to share them with you guys. I just hope Heavenly Father knows that I’m trying, even though If I’m not getting baptisms. I just hope I’m contributing somehow here.

I’ll get better with writing.

I just know Friday and Saturday I was having a tough time because we had a tough lesson with a man who’s been going to our church for 2 years now but doesn’t want to get baptized. He always likes to argue and always says things that just puts doubt into me.  I’m good now and I’ve put those doubts away.

Answers: 1. The weather has been crazy here. One day it’s really cold and I’m all bundled up, and the next day its really hot and I’m in a short sleeve shirt. I don’t like this humidity. It’s never the perfect temperature.
2. We have one family that we are still working on the Pareiras. It’s the one family I’ve talked to you about before. We brought the Bishop over to have a lesson with them and it went really well. They have great respect for him for some reason. But it was the first time that we have felt a Great Spirit presence during a lesson.

Questions: 2. The only thing I really need is maybe some more stamps. I’m almost out. I can use the stamps they have here. But I guess they don’t work as well.
3. Have you guys looked at Mormon messages recently? There is one about a man in Uruguay, he’s pretty cool. You might have to look for it. It’s a I’m a Mormon ad.

Ok Family I love you. I’m working on a letter for you guys today and for the Smiths. Take care
Love Elder Webster

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