Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

Howdy Family Webster. Last night we heard our transfers, and I am leaving Mercedes and going to a place called Colonia 18. This place I guess is very country. All dirt roads and the houses are very spaced out. So spaced the Elders need bikes. (I am very exited to have a bike, hopefully it will help me lose some of the extra weight I’ve gained here in Mercedes.) My Companion is Elder Rivera. He was here in Mercedes a transfer before. I already know him really well. It will be a fun transfer. In Colonia 18 they just have a branch, but it is super active and it is growing really fast. 

This last Sunday was a day for a lot of first times in my mission. It was the first time that I’ve ever eaten cow stomach. We eat it with a member. It was the first time that I was bitten by a dog. He was pretty big too, bit me in the calf. Not bad though. Also first time that I through up in the mission. (Think it was because of the cow stomach from earlier.) Yes, a lot of first times this past Sunday.

I hope you chicas have fun at girls camp. I always hear crazy stories about that place. I expect some good stories for next week. 

That’s really cool that Ashley is putting here papers here. Maybe she’ll get called here to Uruguay. There are already so many family members here as missionaries.

Answers: 1For right now I’ll pass on the peanut butter. I know you can find it here in Uruguay if you look hard enough. I’ll probably change my mind next week when I see how small my town is. I’ll see.

2. I still have some vitamins. I take vitamin c everyday and grandma sent me some pills from Christmas that I still have.
3. I think I can just buy a scarf if I need to. Its not too cold really when you’re walking all day.
4. Maybe you can find out if Kyle Davies got his mission call yet. Maybe you can look on his Facebook.

Questions: 1Heard anything about Desert Hills football?
2. Are you guys going to do anything else fun for the summer.
3. How’s Lauren doing with here friends?
4. Mom, if you had to tell someone one of your favorite hobbies what would you tell them?

Well I love you guys. Thanks for everything.
Elder Webster

Here’s a foto of my birthday cake. I blew all of the candles out. I’ll get better at sending pictures

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