Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

Hey family,

How are we all doing in St. George? I hope you are enjoying the cold weather; it helps it feel more like Christmas that way. This week was a little bit of a let down with our investigators. NONE of them came to church. We were also waiting for a super awesome less active family to come but they didn’t show. Very frustrated with our investigators; we might just drop them and start looking for new people. All of them have problems with the law of chastity. They are not married but have children together and live together.

Our Next Zone Conference is Tomorrow! It will be our Christmas conference. I’m looking forward to seeing President and his wife. We are also planning to spend Christmas night with some members who are great. I really enjoy the members here. That has been the biggest difference of all of my other areas. All of the members are amazing and have great testimonies.

One neat thing that I have been learning while I have been on my mission is the love that God has for us. Whenever I give a priesthood blessing and lay my hands on someone’s head, I always feel the love that God has for that person. I always let that person know that God loves them and that he knows everything that is going on in their lives. Sometimes it’s hard to see or feel His love for us in our lives. But I know that He does love us, and that we can pray so that we can notice His love for us more in our lives.

I hope things work out for dad. I’ll be praying for him.

1. Tomorrow is the zone conference where we have Christmas activities. We also have a ward Christmas dinner the 20th and a Stake Choir event the 21st. It all should be great.
2. The Area is ok. Sometimes we feel like they don’t know what we are doing. I definitely feel like we need some divine guidance to help us out.
3. I haven’t had to cook since I’ve been here. We eat with members everyday. Its the same with laundry. Every week the members wash our clothes.

I love you family, I hope all is well.

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