Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Well howdy everybody.

 How is everything going in St. George? I hope great and that we all getting into the Christmas spirit. I’ve had a few good experiences here this week, but the work is still slowly moving forward. I think we just need to have a little more patient with the Lord and to put my confidence in Him. I know sometimes the Lord’s delays can be long but he only wants what is best for us.

Well yesterday was Brennan’s Birthday, and I spent the morning before going to church going over some of his stories. I have also been studying the talk Elder Eyring gave in this last conference about taking away the pavilion in our lives. There was a little part that I really liked. I feel like it is an answer to one of my prayers. He was talking about how many of us; we want to see the Savior now. However, we already have this meeting arranged at the judgment bar. It will be more pleasing for us to meet him there, and there will be nothing to hide his presence from us. 
Mom, it’s crazy, everything you sent to me about spiritual gifts and about Ether 12:27 I read this morning…Even those quotes by Elder Ashton. I did not, however, have those quotes by Elder McConkie. I’ll have to study that. I’m always amazed by our letters that it seems like we are always learning the similar things.

I received 1 big box and 1 small box, also your Christmas letter that you guys sent. Brennan’s envelope did not get here. I’m a little bummed about that. Not much you can do about that. I’ll also be on the look out for my debit card. Hopefully it’ll all come tomorrow.

Love you family. Thank you for all of your support. I’m praying for each of you, and your specific problems.


Elder Webster

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