Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2013

Hey Family,

Pretty Crazy week with the Holidays and Transfers. It was great seeing you guys and how much Lauren has grown. Holy Cow! I Had lots of fun spending time with members on Christmas eve and 31st of December. They do really big barbeques here, It’s the only time that their meat actually tastes good because they send all of their good meat up north to the USA. We ate Lamb and pork for Christmas Eve. It was really tasty. We also played a lot of card games. We played Uno must of the time. They let us stay out longer than usual (until 10:30 pm). At midnight we watched the fire works from our apartment. For Christmas and New Years they light fireworks. It was a really fun Christmas, a lot better than last Christmas. I’m glad I can speak better Spanish now and actually talk to members and make those friendships.

Yesterday we had transfers and they told me that I am and staying in Tacuarembo and that my companion is going. They also made me a Sr. Companion. Pretty Crazy. They also made me District Leader. Now I have a whole bunch of responsibility.

New Years Eve I prayed to Heavenly Father and felt like that my progression as a missionary wasn’t where it should be…and that I wanted to grow faster and become that missionary that He needs me to be. Next Day He answered my prayer with these new tasks…District Leader and Sr. Companion.  I’m very Excited for this new Challenge and I’m sure it will be a soul stretching experience. If I have ever needed your prayers on my Mission, I think it would be in this moment.
My new companion is from Spain…which is pretty cool. I pick him up tomorrow morning at 4:00 in the morning.

My Christmas packages will get here next Tuesday.

Thanks so much family; I’m so blessed to have you guys in my life.


Elder Webster

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