Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hey family how’s it going. I’m doing well in sunny Uruguay. I got sun burnt pretty bad this week. I went on divisions with some elders in my district and I forgot my hat and my sun block. We ended up walking for a long time in the sun. Ugh, I hate getting sun burnt.
This week was pretty good. I’m enjoying the work and we are witnessing a lot of help from the Lord. I realize that I need to become better as a missionary, with handling responsibility and learning to plan better. My Spanish can always get a little better, but right now we are working with a family to get baptized. The Gonzalez Family. We were afraid of asking the mom (Elizabeth) to get baptized because we did not think that she was married. She is very poor, and many Uruguayans choose to forgo marriage.  I finally asked at the end of a lesson. And she said yes she is married. A great weight was lifted from our shoulders learning that. We are now helping them get more involved with the ward. We are receiving a lot of help from the ward. We are excited to see a family investigating the church. Please pray for them, they still need a lot of help.
I’ll be praying a lot for Stephen this week; I really hope he will get this job. I know he’s been through a lot. It’ll be great if he can get this job. I remember watching videos with him about this mascot. I love how the mascot looks. 

I need a few things.
I need a new IPod cord. The white one that has a usb connecter.
With Lauren, I was wondering if you can send some more photos with her playing volleyball. More action shots if that’s possible.
Try to get an update on Elder Scott from Hurricane

1. I’m ok, I’m a little tired. Finding it hard to sleep at night. Just thinking about all of the things I have to do the next day.
Transfers are the 12th of Feb. Coming up pretty quick.

One thing I’m learning is trying to help people with the work, when they know a lot more than me. I’m learning how to deal with pressure, stress management, all that jazz. I’m also learning how to let myself have more fun.

Ok family I love you, and thanks so much for all of your love and support.

Elder Webster

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