Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, February 4, 2013


Dear Family, This Week was another eventful week. With lots of work, work and more work. We even worked today during our p-day hours. I’ll explain later. But I’m very excited that Steve Got the Job. I was praying a lot for him, and it makes me very happy that Heavenly Father is watching over him and our family.

This week we had interviews with our mission president. I felt very happy to talk with him. Although we didn’t talk about anything special, I knew Heavenly Father knew of the things that I was doing and that he is pleased about my work. Later on, The President asked my zone leader what has been going on in Elder Webster’s area. And why it has been seeing so much success when it has been down for years. He responded they’ve simply been working. My zone leader told me that he has seen a great change in me since this transfer and last transfer. I’m happy to hear that I’ve actually changed and that others can see it.

Two weeks ago a lady named Sarah went to church by herself. She is good friends with a recent convert family and they invited her to go to church. She went, even though her good friends were out of town. We had no idea who she was until this last week. She has been having lots of problems in her life. Her Husband recently left her to raise her 4 kids alone after he and she lost work. She was looking for help when her friend told her that she needed to go to church. She’s gone 2 times now. We talked to her today during our p-time hours because she is very busy with work and raising her kids. But today we taught about the Book of Mormon and about the stories of deliverance. We gave her the story of Alma the Elder and his people when they were in bondage and how God freed them from their burdens. The member we brought shared her experience about her life and she also had the similar things happen to her. Divorced and raising 7 kids. But with the help of the Gospel and the Atonement of Christ it’s all possible. Please pray for her. She needs a lot of help.

I have been having problems sleeping still and I have been having back problems again…really bad. But I’m determined that it will not stop me from playing missionary like it did playing basketball. I’m doing all I can: stretching, ab exercises, sleeping with legs elevated to reduce the pressure. Hopefully it’ll go away soon. I think I’m just a little stressed out.

This next week we are going to have a baptism for Rosa, Angel and Juan Miguel. Please pray for them that they can be prepared for this day. Especially Rosa, she is having trouble quitting smoking.

Answers. Still no with the package and debit card. This last week the bank machine ate my missionary debit card. So right now I don’t have any money. I have to go to the bank tomorrow to go and try to get it back. I really hope my package comes tomorrow, or I might have to go another week without money.

Family I love you, Thank you for everything
Love Elder Webster

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