Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Dear Family. Another great week with a lot of hectic events and a lot of good events. Changes were this week and I’m staying. Elder Alvarez is going. I’m going to be a Trainer. Woopa! Pretty Excited. I leave for Montevideo tonight and get there tomorrow to pick up my kid. (We call the new missionaries kids and the trainers dads) a lot of missionary lingo.

This last week we had a Baptism of the family Gonzalez. It was a good baptism. I really hope we can help these people keep going in the church. To endure till the end. 

This Next Week we have another baptism. Sandra is her Name. We’ve been working on her for 3 months now. This Friday she is going to get married and this Saturday she’s going to get baptized. She is somebody that has changed her whole life around. She rides her bike every Sunday to church. It’s not a quick bike ride either. Great sacrifice. A good sign of repentance. I’m really excited for her. I’ll send the photos.

That’s really quite amazing that president Bangerter mentioned me. I remember that interview, and I still try to do those things that I’m expected to do. I think we all have been greatly blessed by being part of Brennan’s family and that much is required of us. I’m glad I could be an example for Wil. I don’t know how he looked up to me because really it was the other way around. I was blessed with great friends and with great leaders and with a great family. I’m trying to represent the Webster family the best I can.

The packages didn’t come. I really needed them to get here because I need my card. I just hope Heavenly Father will help me get through this week. Christmas packages: I got the cook book, the ties the cook mixes the Book of Mormon cards, 3 cds of music. Thanks so much Family. I love you all.

Here’s a picture of the baptism and my companion Elder Alvarez

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