Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hey Lauren, How’s it going? Mom sent me a video of your volleyball tournament and I was pretty impressed. You did two pretty awesome spikes. You’ve sure grown a lot since I’ve been gone. You are a lot more athletic now. WOW! I’m doing good Lauren, sometimes I get really stressed about the work and how I’m going to help all of these people. I’ve seen Heavenly Father help guide the way time after time. I know Heavenly Father will answer our prayers. We just need to ask. Ask him about volleyball or cheer. He’ll help you make the right decision. Hey, love you Lauren. You’re not so little now, but your still my favorite little sister in the world.

Besos Lauren. Love Chase

Hey Family, How’s it been going? This week has been pretty good. It rained a lot here, which stunk because my laundry basket kept on piling up as the sun refused to come out. We had some pretty cool experiences this week.

Sara: Sara is now our main investigator. She’s already been to church 4 times now. We only have had 2 lessons with her. Sara is 50 years old with 2 kids and is going through a divorce right now. She also lost her job and needed help. She landed a job with Direct TV were 3 members of the Church also work. They became friends at work and told her that she needed to go to church to receive the help she needed in this time of difficulty. So she went and she loved it. She is still very hesitant with the whole baptism deal because she’s been Catholic her whole life. We are working on her. The 1st lesson we had with her we talked about the Book of Mormon and how it is a book of deliverance. 2nd lesson we talked about the plan of salvation and why bad things happen to us and what is the purpose of this life. She really accepted our message and is praying and reading every day. She even has her 12 year old son saying prayers with her now. He still has not come to church but this is a big step prayer. The 17 year old daughter still doesn’t want anything to do with the church. Like all typical teenagers. I think she’ll come around with time.

At the baptism of Sandra there was another ward there who also had people getting baptized. So we did the baptisms together. After the baptism, one of the ladies from the other ward came up to me to shake my hand and she told me that when I was dressed in all white she thought I was an Angel. Or she thought that’s what angels look like. Very interesting hearing that. I’ll always remember when Grandma showed me the photo with Christ and the little children with the angels around about them telling me that I looked like one of those angels.

Well family I’m doing good. I just get a little stressed sometimes. Now more than ever. It’s tough training because at the beginning you have to do everything. You don’t have that balance when teaching or when working. So the load is all on you. But I know that I can handle it for a little bit longer.

I’m happy that I’m having new experiences that I can tell you guys about. I feel like my mission is just now starting and I’m trying to make up for lost time. I know I’ve grown a lot in my time here in Tacuarembo.

I need: 1. A new memory card for my camera. I’m almost out of space.
2. Peanut butter. I need a little bit more protein in my diet now that I’ve started my exercises again.
3. Some new ties. I’ve given away a few of mine to some of the converts.
There was something else but I forgot. Darn.

Anything I can do for you guys. I’m going to write a letter today; sorry it’s been so long.

I was super impressed with the video of Lauren. She really has gotten a lot more athletic. That’s my little Sister.

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