Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Hey Family,

This week I feel like I’ve started a whole new mission, its crazy how different I feel about the work now. Things seem to move a lot faster now. It reminds me of football when I had to make the change from playing Freshman Football to Varsity.

But this week we did have a lot of success finding new people. As we were talking with a member we shared a scripture with her about the Savior and when he visited the Americas. He asks if there are any among you who are sick or blind or lame or are afflicted in anyway. “Let them come unto Me.” After he said that those were afflicted came unto him, according to those that brought them to him. We explained that there are many of our family and friends that are afflicted in many ways. We can help them come to Christ. To be healed of these afflictions. After we explained this she felt like her father-in-law needed this help. The next day (after we went to house of her father-in-law) I felt Inspired that we needed to have her husband come with us to talk to his father.  We asked the husband if he would come with us to talk with his father. He was a little hesitant at first, having already tried many times to preach the gospel to his father. But I told him that I felt inspired that he needed to come with us. The wife also said she felt inspired. After much encouragement from the wife, he said he would come with us. When we got to the house of his father, he was not there, so we waited a little while and talked to the husband for a little bit. After a waiting for a while, a few of his Cousins and his Aunt arrived. We decided to talk to them. We invited the aunt and the daughter of his cousins to be baptized. They accepted. The husband left the lesson crying a little and saying how grateful he was to preach the gospel to his family. There really was a purpose to our visit. A small miracle this week.

I’m glad you guys enjoyed the holidays.

1. This week was very good, I enjoyed it a lot.
2. A lot more responsibility, but my companion is great, Elder Alverez from Spain.
3. Tough, I had no idea it would be like this. I have had a lot of great leaders. The best in the mission actually. All of them are Zone leaders now.
Also, the New assistant to the president is Elder Landon Laycock. I went to Elementry school with him at Westfield and we`ve become good friends here in the mission.
4. Tomorrow I will get my packages.

I love you family, if Lauren has questions about her report just tell me and I can work on something for her.

Love you guys,

Elder Webster

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