Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First Week of December

Hey Family, this week has blown by so fast. Time flies when learning about the gospel. I received two packages today. One had the number 7 on it. so I did´t open it. I opened the other one which contained a I POD (which I´m so stoked about) and the Christmas decorations. I´m really happy about the packages thanks so much.  I think I have received all of the large envelopes that you´have sent me. I haven´t received any letters. I have only received the one that contained the football playoff brackets which showed desert hills playing Cedar. so...yeah.

Mom,I´m so glad you finally became an employee use that dental insurance for sure.
No we haven´t watched a Christmas devotional yet  ;( I really want to though. We´re so excluded here in the Argentina MTC. We watch old broadcasts of the Provo MTC devotionals.  It does not even feel like Christmas here. It´s kind of a bummer. and the heat just brings it down even more. Thank you so much for the Christmas package. It cheered me right up.

This week was really good. I´m sad my letter did not make it yet. I always send one on Monday morning, and its supposed to get there by today. I hope I hope I did not mess up.

I sent my scripture in my letter home, but its Alma 26:12
I hope everything is going well with you guys. I pray for each of you everyday.
Love you all. Merry Christmas, watch the Grinch for me, and the Muppets Christmas Carol.
hopefully my letter gets to you soon.

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