Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

Hey Mom,

This week has been a tough one. Probably the toughest week I’ve had on the mission. We didn’t get Pilar baptized because He had one single doubt about the Sabbath day and why it’s on Sunday and not Saturday. We explained in so many ways that Sunday is the Sabbath because Christ was resurrected on Sunday and we spend that day remembering him. He’s still stuck on it. He prays for an answer about it, but he won’t be baptized until he gets one. I guess the only good thing that came out of that lesson is my testimony about the Sabbath day. Now when I take the sacrament I remember the atonement, and I also think about how he has risen and that he has conquered death for us.

We also had another investigator who is now in jail. Woops. The whole family just had a mental break down I guess. It’s a little frustrating when you spend so much time on people and you come to care about them, but then in the end they don’t make the right choices. A very frustrated Elder right now, but I always try to smile when I want to moan…and it actually really helps.

Last week the Uruguay guest mail didn’t come in. You might have to send it in a day earlier. I think it’s because we have new Elders in the office and they’re kind of slackers.

I felt strongly that I needed to write them a letter that day. It took a lot more time and then I thought it would so sorry that I couldn’t write a letter to you guys. You should be expecting one soon…I hope. It makes me really glad that I could’ve made their day in some way. I love the Wilsons they’ve always been so great to me.

Every other p-day we take a bus to a bigger city where the rest of our zone is. We take an hour bus ride at 6:30 in morning then we usually hang out there and play soccer or basketball with the other elders. When we don’t leave town, we write letters and we clean and make lunch with the other Elders. It’s pretty fun.

I’m greatly enjoying this p-day. It’s been a tough week. This morning we went to the park and played football. I’m teaching our new Latino how to throw a football. He’s really quick and fast. He could’ve been a really good receiver in the states.

I’m glad Simister had a good game. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves. I think our games were exciting because we had an awesome student section. We had players that made great plays in the paint. I just imagine this years team with Ler and Sims shooting 3s the whole game.

Stephen, I’ll send you a jersey. I actually found a Germany jersey last week.

I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers. I feel them often.


Well, I just know that goals are important. It’s not a goal unless you write it down. So they told us in the MTC. I guess that it’s kinda true. The one spring getting ready for football was the only time I’ve actually gained any real muscle. But it was also the only time I wrote down my goals of where I wanted to be by summer. So, yeah, goals are important and they become that much more when you write them down.

Soccer is so crazy down here. It’s so much bigger than I thought. I’m getting pretty good though. I think it’s going to help with kicking by a lot.

Hope all is going good. I pray for you everyday.

Love su hermano menor

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