Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

Hey Mom, I’m well. This week has been pretty good. We worked hard; I just wish we could  have something to show for it. The weather has cooled off a little with the storms that have been coming through. I think its going to heat back up. Missionaries have been telling me how terrible the winters are. They are “just so flippin cold.” (In their words.)  These are people from Idaho saying this. They say it’s terrible because you just can’t escape it like you can in the states. With the states you have heating and houses with insulation. Here, not so much. Especially when you go to bed and you can see your breath. Yikes.

The boots that Kristen bought me are perfect. They really work wonders. I’m really grateful to have them.

My Spanish is still kind of bad. I think I just need to study a little better and just talk a lot more with my companion.

Elder Belk is great. He received his papers and flight schedule to go home this week. This kind of shocked him. He feels like he still needs to accomplish so much more before he leaves.

I did receive the Valentine package. Thanks so much. I also received a package from Darian’s family. They sent me lots of snacks. I heard that Darien is going to Ukraine. Wow. I need to write them. If you see them please tell them thanks. I’m loving the peanut butter you sent and thank you for the recipe. I’m sorry to say I tried cooking it last night and I messed up pretty bad. Instead of one and half table spoons of cocoa I put a cup and half. awh man it was so bad. It’s still ok. But it was definitely a learning experience. Today I cooked hamburgers for everyone. They actually turned out a little better. So yes I got the package, but I didn’t get a letter with it. Weird I can’t really think of anything for you to send me. Maybe just more photos of the family.

Well, that really stinks about the boys and girls basketball. I really dislike Hurricane now. We probably just needed more physical play from our guys with Hurricane. That’s the only thing I can think of.

Your dream definitely is an answer to my prayers. It’s the hardest I’ve prayed in my life these past couple weeks to know Brennan better. I hope I can have this experience. I want this because I have no memory of Brennan when he was alive. This makes me really sad because I feel like I don’t know my own brother. I feel like I should know him. Thank you for this.

Thank you for praying everyday. We are studying President George Albert Smith for Sunday school in church. I read a quote from him about prayer and I loved what it said. families that pray together stay together. Thanks so much for doing that. Thanks so much family. Love you all.

Elder Webster

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